UC San Diego Emeriti Association Report

Highlights of Activities 2007-2008

  1. A new UCSD Retirement Resource Center to house the activities of both the Emeriti Association and the Retirement Association was inaugurated by Chancellor Marye Ann Fox on September 26, 2007, at a festive Ribbon Cutting Ceremony followed by a reception. Chancellor Fox provided necessary funds for the renovations required for establishing this Resource Center, conveniently located in the center of campus. Both Associations now enjoy a suitable center with some 1300 square feet of space which includes staff offices, a central conference/meeting room, small meeting room, restroom, and a small kitchen.

  2. Membership of the Emeriti Association continues to grow and now includes 374 emeriti Professors. Significant membership outreach activities have resulted in member growth from 191 the previous year. Dues for annual membership are $30, and a life membership costs $300.

  3. Each month of the academic year, the Emeriti Association's Executive Committee met to discuss Emeriti issues and plan events. A distinguished speaker was invited to present a talk at a General Member Meeting, scheduled immediately after each of these Executive Committee meetings. These talks were attended by 50-120 Emeriti Association members. During the month of December, a holiday event was held for members of both the Emeriti Association and the Retirement Association, with 200 members of the two associations in attendance. The event included a holiday choral program presented by the La Jolla Renaissance Singers. In June, our association will host a luncheon at our faculty club for Association members. At this luncheon the next President and President-Elect and new members of the Executive Committee will be installed.

  4. There were five issues of the Chronicles, the official newsletter of the UCSD Emeriti Association under the direction of Professor Emeritus Sandy Lakoff, published bi-monthly during the academic year.

  5. The UCSD Emeriti Association's mentoring program was launched in August 2008, and now includes twenty-four Emeriti faculty who serve as mentors some thirty five Chancellor's Scholars; underprivileged and highly meritorious 1st and 2nd year undergraduate students who are first in their family to attend college.

  6. Dickson Award: The Emeriti Association's Awards Committee invited nominations in the spring of 2008 for this award, based on service to students, to faculty development, to the emeriti, and to the community. The Awards Committee of the UCSD Emeriti Association has elected to use continued service, defined broadly, as the principle criterion for determining recipients. The winner of the Dickson award will be announced at the annual business meeting of the UCSD Emeriti Association in June.

  7. Panunzio Award: The Emeriti Association's Awards Committee worked with the Deans of Arts & Humanities and Social Sciences to prepare a complete nomination for the Panunzio Award, administered by a UCLA-based Emeriti Association committee. A nomination was submitted, although UCSD's nomination was not selected for the prize this year. The Association's Awards Committee has now begun the process of soliciting nominations for 2009 award.

  8. Handbook for Emeritus Professors: "Information for Emeritus Professors and Their Departments", "Published by the UCSD Emeriti Association, Seventh Edition, March 2008". This handbook is an effort to bring together in one place useful information about emeritus status for retirees, for those who are about to retire, and for their departments. We call it "The Boynton Booklet" in honor of Robert Boynton, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, who produced the first edition in 1992, to consolidate information of interest to retirees that is otherwise scattered and sometimes difficult to locate. This booklet was thoroughly revised and updated this year by members of the UCSD Emeriti Association's Executive Committee, and was distributed to all emeriti professors who in the last three years.

  9. Joint activities with the UCSD Retirement Association. As a result of both associations coming under the same roof in the Retirement Resource Center, the UCSD Retirement Association has opened up a number of its Interest Groups to members of the UCSD Emeriti Association. Emeriti Association members now enjoy access to groups such as the Investments Interest Group, Spanish Language and Culture, and Creative Writing, as well as a variety of financial planning seminars offered by Fidelity Retirement Services and UCSD's Department of Human Resources. All of these groups meet monthly in the UCSD Retirement Resource Center.

  10. The UCSD Emeriti Association is in the process of establishing a UCSD Emeriti Association Undergraduate Scholarship Fund that will depend on contributions by Emeriti faculty.

Submitted by: Don Helinski, President, UCSD Emeriti Association, 2007-2008.

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