UC Los Angeles Emeriti Association Report

APRIL 2008

The 40th anniversary of its founding finds the UCLA Association in continued good health.

Membership: Our membership continues to exceed 900.

Regular programs and activities:

--a quarterly dinner at the Faculty Center, followed by a talk. These popular occasions vary in subject from an archaeologists first-hand account of her work on the ruins of Palmyra to a recent Pulitzer Prize winner's reflections on his history of nineteenth-century America.

--a monthly after-lunch talk on a subject of interest to emeriti. This April we heard from a health-care expert on the significant differences between the health-care plans of the three remaining presidential candidates.

--an annual Art Show in May, at which paintings, sculpture, photography, and other art works by emeriti are displayed. Some 31 artists will contribute their work this spring.

--a monthly meeting of the Executive Board, which includes the Association's officers and the chairs of its various committees.

--a quarterly Newsletter, mailed to all members

Outreach to the Administration:

Not long after his arrival at UCLA, our new Chancellor, Gene Block, met with several officers of the Association to discuss the role and the importance of the emeriti community, and at other times we met with twoVice Chancellors to discuss UC funding and health care. Chancellor Block will meet with both the Emeriti and Retirees Associations in early June.


The UCLA Dickson Award for 2008 went to five distinguished emeriti: Akio Arakawa (Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences); Nazir Jairazbhoy (Ethnomusicology); James Miller (Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics); David Rapaport (Political Science); and J. Fred Weston (Anderson School of Management).

Emeriti Housing

Construction proceeds on Belmont Village at Westwood, a retirement housing facility within walking distance of the campus. Reservations have already been received for 67 units. It is due to open in July, 2009.

Emeriti and Retiree Relations Center

Though it addresses the needs of all UCLA retirees, the Center contributes mightily to the work and health of the Emeriti Association. On a large campus its lounge and meeting rooms offer something like a home, and its Director, Eddie Murphy, and her staff provide advice, assistance. and warm hospitality.

Submitted by Paul D. Sheats, CUCEA Representative