UC Irvine Emeriti Association Report

APRIL 2008

As requested for the fall and spring meetings of CUCEA, this summary of the UCI Emeriti Association is intended to provide an overview of our status, activities, awards, and plans.

Status: We are a support group of the University of California, Irvine which I understand provides liability protection and avoids the need for separate IRS reporting. There were antecedent retiree and emeriti organizations at UCI beginning in 1983, an Emeriti Committee of the UCI Retiree and Emeriti Association from 1990 to 1994, and the present Emeriti Association began in 1994. For a number of years we thought we were politically correct in calling ourselves the "Emeritae/i" Association, but a year ago adopted the epicene plural "Emeriti" and thus came into conformity with other UC Emeriti Associations. Our Presidents or Chairs have been Orville Rinehardt, George Brown, Henry Fagin, Renée Hubert, Lewis Gottschalk, Jerry Tobis, Sam McCulloch, Julian Feldman, Roland Schinzinger, Lyman Porter, Kivie Moldave, and myself. Barbara Hamkalo is President-Elect.

The UCI Retiree Relations Center has been renamed the UCI Emeriti and Retiree Center. We do not yet have physical space, but have a part time Director, Jeri Frederick. The Emeriti Association has two part-time assistants, Garland Parten and Marilyn Soley, who are UCI retirees and know the institution and its personnel very well. They have just begun service with us, and I believe they will serve us extremely well.

Activities: We have monthly meetings of an Executive Committee with quite good attendance of approximately 30 members. We have quarterly educational meetings, most recently a talk on Antarctica and global warming by Donal Manahan, one-time postdoctoral fellow at UCI, and now Professor of Biology at USC. The talk at our annual meeting in June will be by the Chair of Political Science at UCI, Mark P. Petracca, who will talk on "How the Democratic Party May Still Grab Defeat from the Jaws of Victory". We also have an annual holiday party and an annual Chancellor's reception, the latter together with the retirees.

Awards: We nominate for several awards such as the Constantine Panunzio Distinguished Emeritus Award . One of the two awardees this year was just announced: Robert V. Hine, "an iconic figure in the historiography of the American West" who was on the faculty at UC Riverside for 36 years before coming to UCI and eventually retiring. We also give two awards ourselves, a distinguished Emerita/us Award and a Mentorship Award.

Plans: Aside from the activities noted above, our committees are indicative of our plans. In addition to Programs and Awards Committees, we have a Newsletter Editor and Committee, a Membership Committee, a Bylaws Committee, a Biobibliography Committee, a History and Archives Committee, and an Ethics Committee. Most have obvious functions, but the Ethics Committee may be of interest. It was established in the wake of UCI scandals hoping to prevent future problems and recognizing that emeriti have experience, hopefully wisdom, devotion to the University, are relatively immune, and some even have time on their hands. More recently, however, we have recommended to the Emeriti Subcommittee of the UCI Council on Faculty Welfare that an ethics committee might more appropriately be a committee of the Academic Senate. This matter is currently under discussion and far from a final recommendation.

With our new Donald Bren School of Law the buildings in which our Center's Director has an office and the small office and conference room we share with the Academic Senate will be moving to space adjacent to the Campus. We trust our activities will be uninterrupted and that we may look forward to actual space for our Center in the not distant future.

We continue to believe that it is in the best interest of the University as well as of emeriti to strengthen the voice of emeriti systemwide, and we look forward to continue discussion with CUCEA in this regard.

I have enjoyed attending CUCEA meetings, and hope this report is of some interest. Ron Miller, April 15, 2008.

Ronald B. Miller, M.D., Clinical Professor of Medicine Emeritus, founding Chief of the Renal Division, founding Director of the Program in Medical Ethics, Department of Medicine, President of the UCI Emeriti Association, University of California, Irvine.