UC Berkeley Emeriti Association Report


  1. Our membership grew from approximately 200 members to over 300 members in response to a membership drive that occurred during the Fall of 2007. Many of the" new" members were lapsed members who were contacted directly during this drive and reminded of the importance of membership in the Emeriti Association for "strength in numbers."

  2. A major activity during the early part of the year dealt with interactions with the campus administration concerning a proposed increase in the parking fee for emeriti. The administration had been considering a 400% increase, to approximately $1500 per year, but the Emeriti Association impressed upon the Chancellor's Office the significant contributions that emeriti make to the campus, often without compensation. Ultimately, the Chancellor did not change the fees for emeriti parking, even though Berkeley emeriti continue to pay the highest fees of any campus.

  3. The Emeriti Association continued to sponsor 5 luncheons with invited speakers over the academic year. These talks were attended by 40-80 emeriti and spouses and continue to serve as both a social and intellectual event for emeriti and spouses.

  4. The association was involved in reviewing and identifying outstanding candidates for three awards --the campus-wide Panunzio award, the Berkeley-based Dickson Professorship, and our Emerita/us of the Year Award. Our nominee for the Panunzio award was Professor James Massif of the Department of Linguistics. Professor Robert Sawyer of the College of Engineering was selected as the Dickson Professor and Professor Howard Schachman of the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology was selected as our Emeritus of the Year. All of these individuals will be recognized during of first Saturday luncheon in September 2008.

  5. The Executive Committee of the Association has dealt with the problem of relations between our Association and the Chancellor's Office. There is little recognition on our campus of the contributions that emeriti make in the areas of teaching, research and service. The biennial Bio--Bibs were useful in this context because they showed the substantial contributions that emeriti continue to make. Using this data, we have proposed to the Chancellor that he host an annual reception for emeriti at which time we could introduce some of our most distinguished emeriti to the general members and also to the Chancellor. We are waiting for a response to this proposal.

  6. The UCB Retirement Center, which serves both retired staff and emeriti, moved its offices at the beginning of this year, and this has resulted in some disruption of administrative services for the emeriti association. However, the new space should provide more comfortable surroundings for the centers' clientele and the Center is more centrally located for easy access.

Submitted by:

Richard Malkin, President, UCBEA

April 30, 2008