Futures Report 2007

University Committee on Planning and Budget

The University Committee on Planning and Budget has prepared a report (The Futures Report) that may be of interest to CUCEA members and UC emeriti generally. The report can be viewed and downloaded on the UC website.

The Forward states: "...this report [was prepared] because short-term decisions about the University budget are having long-term impacts, and yet we know of no detailed analysis of their long term implications for the University. The report evaluates the long-term implications of the Higher Education Compact that now defines the basic budgetary relationship between the University and the Governor, as well as those of three other scenarios, varying from one based on a move toward further major reductions in state funding and increased privatization to one in which state support for the University is returned to higher level of state support that existed in 1990.

"The report tries to avoid advocating for the university or suggesting tactics for doing so. We do hope, however, to provide a credible analysis of the implications of different futures for the University that the faculty, administration, Regents, public and public policy makers can use as a benchmark for realistic discussions of the future of the University of California and the future of higher education in California."