UC Davis Emeriti Association Report

CUCEA Meeting, October 28-29, 2015

UC Davis


The UCD Emeriti Association (UCDEA) currently has a membership of 486, of whom 317are lifetime members, 88 are annual members and 81 are associate members. As in years past, we receive strong support from the campus administration which funds the Retiree Center and its two very hard working staff members who keep both our association and the UC Davis Retirees' Association functioning smoothly.


Our executive committee continues to meet monthly from early fall through June.  For September, we scheduled a special "retreat" session focused exclusively on our purposes and finances.   A number of new activities were proposed and we will be exploring these possibilities during the rest of the fall and early spring.   We are also continuing to consider if and how we might alter our financial structure.  


The maintenance of the cooperative relationship between our association and that of the retirees remains an important focus for both groups.  This year, thanks to Retiree Center Director Sue Barnes, the leadership of both executive committees will be meeting monthly a week prior to our scheduled meetings to review our agendas and to identify items of mutual interest.   One long-standing matter of mutual cooperation is the scheduling of "Brainfood Talks" which are held monthly between the morning meeting of the EA and the afternoon meeting of the RA. 

November's talk will introduce us to the organization "Academics Without Borders USA" (AWBUSA) which supports higher education in developing countries. 


We are also continuing our "Coffee With" sessions which are held in the hour before our regular executive committee meeting.  These sessions, as we have reported before, feature campus administrators who speak briefly about what is currently on "their plates" and then for most of the hour respond to questions/comments from the group.  This year's first guest, Joanna Regulska, Vice Provost and Associate Chancellor, Global Affairs, will meet with us in January.


The Campus Community Council (which was organized by the Chancellor and is composed of invited representatives from campus constituent groups, including the UCDEA) is scheduled, as usual, to meet monthly but the focus of the meetings has changed somewhat.  This year each session (occasionally two sessions in a row) will be devoted to a single policy issue.  The first issue will be "Sexual Assault Prevention."  Various EA executive committee members also participate in other campus-wide activities such as a "Diversity and Inclusion Community Engagement Forum" scheduled for November 4. 


While the executive committee does not meet in summer, individual members do routinely participate in campus activities such as helping to staff the New Retirees Reception and sitting an EA table at the Retiree Resource Fair.