We had three general luncheon meetings of the Emeriti Faculty Association in 2009. At these meetings, an invited noted speaker presented a lecture, followed by questions and discussion. The meetings are very interesting and stimulating. They were attended by 30-50 retirees. 

Following is a list of speakers and their topics: 

March 3, 2009- Frank McCormick, PhD., F.R.S. Director of the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center and Cancer Research Institute. Targeting the RAS Pathway. 

April 28, 2009- Thomas Lewis, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, UCSF. Neuromorality: Right and Wrong and the Brain. 

October 22, 2009- Dr. Philip R. Lee, M.D. Professor of Social Medicine (Emeritus), Department of Medicine and Senior Scholar, Philip R. Lee Institute of Health policy Studies, School of Medicine, UCSF. Diversity at UCSF: Revitalizing Efforts to Increase Diversity in a Changing Context, 19608-2000s. This lecture was well attended by emeriti faculty as well as academic faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students. 

Our current paid membership is slightly less than 100. 

Our Executive Committee officers consists of: President: Ernest Newbrun, Vice President: H.J. Peter Ralston, Past President: Dorothy P. Rice, Secretary: Marilyn Savedra, Treasurer: Calvin Zippin, Historian: John Craig. In addition we have four representatives at large, a representative to the Academic Senate Faculty Welfare Committee and a representative from CUREA. 

The Executive Committee of the UCSF EFA met three times during 2009. At these meetings, we receive reports from the Academic Senate Committee on Faculty Welfare, CUCEA, Treasurer's reports; discuss prospective speakers for our general meetings, and other business. 

The UCSF Emeriti Faculty Association has a new Administrative AssistantBeth Sudekum. 

We are looking forward to hosting the joint CUCRA/CUCEA Fall Meeting on October 29. 

Dorothy P. Rice Representative to CUCEA