UC San Francisco  Emeriti Association Report

October 2008



We had four general meetings of the UCSF Emeriti Faculty Association (EFA) in the past Academic year (2007-2008) preceded by a buffet luncheon. At these meetings, an invited noted speaker presented a lecture, followed by questions and discussion. The meetings were very interesting and stimulating; 30-50 members attended them.


Following is a list of speakers and their topics


            October 2, 2007

            Dr. Allan Basbaum, UCSF, The Neurology of Pain


            January 30, 2008

            Jay A. Levy, Professor of Medicine, UCSF, Global Impact of HIV/AIDS:

            How Does Science Face the Challenge?


            April 16, 2008

            Sheldon Rothblatt, Professor Emeritus UC Berkeley, The Moral Dilemma

            Of Affirmative Action: A Historian’s Perspective


            September 26, 2008

            Cynthia Kenyon, Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics UCSF, Genes and

            Cells that Affect the Rate of Aging


The Executive Committee of the UCSF EFA met three times during 2008 to discuss reports from our representatives on the Academic Senate Committee on Faculty Welfare, CUCEA, Treasurer’s reports, and to plan speakers for our general meetings as well as miscellaneous other business.


The main problem of the UCSF Emeriti Faculty Association continues to be the decline in dues-paying members. In the past we had a “fictitious” 200 membership, when in fact we had been carrying about 80 or so members who had not paid dues for at least one or two years and our dues-paying membership was more like 120. Subsequent attrition by deaths and some Emeriti moving away from San Francisco to seek cheaper housing elsewhere has further eroded our membership that currently stands at about 100 members. The university has not offered a VERIP package since 1994 so there have been fewer eligible emeriti to recruit to our organization.