November, 2013


         The Emeriti Faculty Association and the Faculty Retirees  Association  at UCSF are very excited and pleased to be hosting the November 2013 meeting  ar UCSF.  Much of the past several months have been spent on planning for the CUCEA and CUCRA fall meeting.  It has been a very busy productive collaboration of the two local organizations, with bulk of responsibilities falling on the UCSF Faculty Retirees Association.    We hope our visitors from the other campuses find the accommodations to their liking.  Welcome to UCSF!


         I am pleased to report that much progress has been made in revitalizing our UCSF Emeriti Faculty Association mainly due to the persistent and extraordinary efforts of our current President- Dr. Michael Thaler.  We now have permanent residence in the Alumni Faculty House.  We also have the assistance of Louis Gutierrez, Manager of the Alumni Faculty House at UCSF, in the production and distribution of our UCSF Emeritus Emeritidings eNEWS.


         Our fall meeting and luncheon and is scheduled for November 15.  The featured speaker will be Rev. Rodney Seeger, M. Div. President of the UCSF Retirees Association. The title of his presentation is: “ Post-retirement assignment-Spiritual Care and Cross-cultural Immersion in China”.    


Dorothy Rice

November 2013