April 2013


         I am pleased to report that we had a most successful BioBib survey response.  We had a 53% response rate, with a total of 47 responses out of 89 contacts.  I attribute this good response rate to sending a stamped self-addressed letter to our list of retirees who were on our membership list in the past three years. 


What was so amazing and gratifying was that UCSF retirees are so generous.  A total $4.4 million was reported in cash donations to UC programs during the three year period 2009-2012 and all donations as an emeritus amounted to $8.5 million. 


Unfortunately, the response to our request for transmission of membership checks made in the same mailing as the request to complete the bio-bib was not quite so successful.  We now have a total of 47 paid up members.  The Executive Committee is focusing on ways to increase our membership. 


We had two Executive Committee meetings and two general meetings this school year.  At our general meetings, we had the following interesting speakers:


1)    November 29, 2012.  Dr. Barbara Koenig, Professor  of Medical Anthropology and Biometrics, Institute for Health & Aging, UCSF spoke on “ Interrogating the Promise of Personalized Medicine”.

2)   February 8. 2013.  Dr. Mitchel S. Berger  spoke on “Advances in Brain Tumor Research From Organ to Molecule and Back”. 


We look forward to hosting the fall meeting of CUCEA-CUCRA in San

Francisco on Monday and Tuesday, November 4 and 5, 2013.  CUCRA will meet on Monday in the Faculty Alumni House on the Parnassus Campus and the Tuesday meetings of  CUCEA-CUCRA and CUCEA will meet in  the Mission Bay Campus in response to popular request.  There will be a dinner on Monday night.  The restaurant and hotel are being arranged. 


Dorothy Rice

CUCEA  Representative