MAY, 2014


         We are especially proud of our President,  Professor Emeritus Michael Thaler, for his receipt of the 2014 Edward Dickson Faculty Fellowship in recognition of his research entitled, “Premature Cancer Research at UCSF:  Rise and Fall of the Laboratory of Experimental Oncology, 1947-1953”


         The Emeriti Faculty Association (EFA) and the Faculty Retirees Association at UCSF were very excited and pleased to host the November 2013 meeting at UCSF.  It was a very productive collaboration of the two local organizations, with the bulk of the responsibilities falling on the UCSF Retirees Association.


         Much progress has been made in revitalizing our UCSF Emeriti Faculty Association due to the persistent and extraordinary  efforts of our current President- Dr. Michael Thaler:

Š      Current membership has increased by about 30% in the past year, to about 130.

Š      Emeritidings, our quarterly newsletter, now includes news of events and developments of general interest to UCSF Emeriti, retirees and alumni.  It will be distributed electronically.

Š      A website has been established at

Š      The UCSF-EFA is now represented on the UCSF Alumni Association Board of Directors, which meets 4 times per year and brings together representatives from each of the 5 professional schools as well as student representatives from each school.  This provides us with opportunities to help plan and participate actively in major campus-wide events, such as the extensive series of events celebrating the 150th anniversary of the founding of the University of California in San Francisco during Alumni weekend, May 29, 30, 2014.

Š      A new form and informational flyer have been prepared for recently retired faculty to join the Emeriti Faculty Association.


The UCSF-EFA has held two general meetings (including informal luncheons) with the following speakers and titles of their presentations:

1.    Fall 2013. Guest Speaker- Rev. Rodney Seeger, M.Div. “Post-Retirement Assignment:  Spiritual Care and Cross-Cultural Immersion in China.”          



2.    Winter 2014.  Guest Speaker- Catherine Lucey, M.D. Vice Dean for Educaion. “Designing the Successful 21st Century Physician:  How UCSF is reshaping the Medical School Curriculum to Reflect Changing Health Practice, the Way Medical Students Learn, and How Patients Receive Care”.