We had two general luncheon meetings of the Emeriti Faculty Association this academic year and another one is planned this Spring.  At these meetings, outstanding speakers presented a lecture, followed by questions and discussion.  These meetings were interesting and stimulating. Attendance is generally between 30-40 members and spouses. 


We changed the format of the meeting by first having the speaker, followed by questions, and a buffet lunch. In the past we had lunch first followed by the speaker.  The new format appears to work well. There is more mixing among attendees after the talk and the speaker has an opportunity to mix and talk with the attendees.


Following is a list of speakers and their topics:


September 26, 2008-  Cynthia Kenyon, Ph.D.  Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, UCSF, Genes and Cells that Affect the Rate of Aging.


March 3, 2009- Frank McCormick, Ph.D., F.R.S.  Director of the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center and Cancer Research Institute.  Targeting the RAS Pathway.


April 28, 2009- Thomas Lewis, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, UCSF.  Neuromorality: Right and Wrong and the Brain.


The Executive Committee of the UCSF EFA met thrice during this academic year.  At these meetings, we hear reports from the Academic Senate Committee and Faculty Welfare, CUCEA, TreasurerŐs reports, select speakers for future general meetings, and discuss other business.

Since almost all our members have access to e-mail, we have gone paperless and eliminated the expensive mailings of our Newsletter, Emeritidings, with the announcement of the forthcoming meetings. We now communicate with our members via E-Mail.  We hope that we will not lose too many members who do not have computers and will send those few a printed version.

Dorothy P. Rice

Representative to CUCEA