April 2011



The UCSF Emeriti Faculty Association held two very interesting general meetings in the past several months;  Following are the speakers and their topics:


Š       Michael Merzenich, Ph.D. Strategies for Sustaining Brain Health


Š       Michael Thaler. MD- Early Human Research at UCSF:  Rise and Fall of the “Laboratory for Experimental Oncology”and Genesis of the Nuremberg Doctrine


We are pleased to report that the prestigious 2011 UCSF medal was awarded to:


Š       Merwin H. Sleisenger, M. D.  Emeritus Professor of Medicine and Distinguished Physician, Department of Veteran Affairs, UCSF, internationally renowned for his work in internal medicine and its subspecialty of gastroenterology, UCSF.


The Executive Committee of the UCSF Emeriti Faculty Association meets after each general meeting.  At these meetings, we hear reports from the Academic Senate Committee, Faculty Welfare Committee, CUCEA, and the Treasurer, and to plan speakers for our general meetings, and other business.


Our main concern continues to be the recruitment of new members.  Membership in the Association has been significantly reduced in recent years. . We are embarking on a campaign to gain new members and retaining old members