October 2012



         I am pleased to report that our UCSF Emeriti Fasculty Association has a new dynamic ands enthusiastic President, Michael Thaler, MD.   Dr. Thaler is Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics and former Chief of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hematology, and Nutrition at UCSF. He currently lectures at the Lifelong Learning Institute at Berkeley.


         We had one Executive Committee meeting, at which we discussed plans to obtain new members, speakers and activities.  Two upcoming speakers have been confirmed:


1)         November 29, 2012-.  Dr. Barbara Koenig, Professor of Medical Anthropology & Biometrics, Institute for Health & Aging, UCSF will speak on “Interrogating  the Promise of  Personalized Medicine”.


2)    February 8, 2013-  Dr. Mitchel S. Berger, Professor and   

        Chairman of the Brain Tumor Research Center. UCSF, will

        speak on “Brain Tumors:  Current Status and Advances”. 


We look forward to a more active Emeriti Faculty Association in the



We regret the passing of John Craig, Ph.D. on September 26, 2012.

John was an active member of the UCSF Emeriti Faculty Association and of CUCEA.  He enjoyed a brilliant career at UCSF as chemistry professor, Chair of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and as Associate Dean for Research in the School of Pharmacy.  We will miss him very much.  


Dorothy Rice

CUCEA Representative