Currently we have 120 members from a total of about 700 living emeriti.  Eighty eight are paid members and 32 are complimentary (for 1st year following retirement).
UCSF EFA newsletter, providing information of activities, meetings, obituaries and awards, is distributed on line 3 times a year to all members and non-members.
Current Officers and Representatives
President:                                        Michael Thaler   MD
Vice President:                                 Robert Levin     Pharm D
Secretary:                                        Peter Ralston    MD
Treasurer:                                        Calvin Zippin    ScD
Representative to Faculty Welfare:               Michael Winter  Pharm D
Representative to CUCEA:                           Ernest Newbrun DMD, PhD
Administrator:                                  Louis Gutierrez, Manager of Alumni House
Dorothy Rice has stepped down after her many years of service as Representative to CUCEA, but will continue as Member-at-Large representing Nursing on the Executive Committee. Dorothy has also served the EFA as President. Currently we are recruiting emeriti to serve on the Executive Committee to represent the School of Dentistry.
May 22, 2015 luncheon with guest speaker Kimberly Topp, PT, PHD, FAAA, Sexton Sutherland Endowed Chair in Human Anatomy who spoke on "Anatomical Alterations for Medical Students."
Fall: October 9, 2015 luncheon with guest speaker Jon B. Eisenberg, J.D. whose topic was the recent California litigation on aid-in-dying and Senate Bill 128, aka the End of Life Option Act, which allows terminally ill Californians access to life-ending medication.
Other Activities
We have
launched a Legacy Project that videotapes interviews of emeriti recipients of Alumni Excellence Awards and others whose careers illuminate important aspects of UCSF’s institutional history. Professors Paul Ekman and Don Ganem were recipients of Alumni Excellence Awards who were recently interviewed. The unedited interviews are stored in UCSF Library archives, and will be used in development of courses on topics such as the rise of UCSF to pre-eminence as a center of biomedical research, and its foundational role in the evolution of the biotechnology industry.