In 2013, the UCSF Emeriti Faculty Association transitioned from a purely volunteer organization to an institutionally integrated yet autonomous and self-governing entity.  Since October 2013, the University Development and Alumni Relations office has provided staffing, space, and IT services, and the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost has allocated partial financial support.


            Our most noteworthy new initiative is the Emeriti Legacy Project.  The Project is designed to track the contemporary history of UCSF through the personal experiences and perceptions of emeriti.  The immediate goal is to create a permanent archival collection of personal records for historical research, didactic applications, and commemorative exercises. 

All former faculty are strongly encouraged to participate, given that every UCSF emeritus and emerita has had a direct impact on the institutional rise of UCSF during a period of rapid growth and paradigmatic transformation.  Emeriti are invited to submit an account of the single moment or event that had the most indelible impact on the speaker during his or her career at UCSF.   The submitted accounts will be permanently archived in the UCSF Library Special Collections section.  Emeriti whose accounts are of particular historical or educational interest will be invited for videotaped interviews. 


            The UCSF EFA had a winter meeting and luncheon  featuring Catherine Lacey, M.D. The title of her speech was “Designing the Successful 21st Century Physician.”  The speaker at our fall meeting will be Henry J. (Peter) Ralston, M.D.;  the title of his talk is “What’s New in Human Evolution? EVERYTHING!!!”