UC San Diego Emeriti Association Report

April 2015


1.       Membership in the UC San Diego Emeriti Association is static at 530 active members. Each year, the Emeriti Association hosts a special reception for potential members in March before our monthly program, along with other outreach activities. This has usually led to a good number of prospective retirees joining the Association at the end of the academic year. Dues for annual and life memberships remain at $30 and $300, respectively. However, new joiners are offset by attrition and deaths.


2.       The Emeriti Association has launched a new Book Club, which will meet once per month at the Faculty Club to discuss a book selected by one of the Book Club members.  The member who proposes the book will also serve as lead discussant at that meeting.


3.       The Emeriti AssociationÕs mentoring program is continuing to develop and mature. Along with the Center for Student Involvement (CSI), the Emeriti Mentor Program co-sponsors the ChancellorÕs Scholars Program to provide first generation college students communication and leadership training, as well as mentoring. We have 45 freshmen and 25 second year mentees who are mentored by 44 emeriti. Participation in this program has enriched the experience for all of our mentees, as well as our mentors. This year so far, in addition to their mentoring activities, emeriti have donated over $20,000 to the ChancellorÕs Scholarship fund. CSP/EMP administrators have now gained full academic access to scholarsÕ records, allowing us to more quickly identify a struggling student and connect them with appropriate resources, as well as now having complete GPA and retention data on program participants.


4.       The Emeriti Association continues its close partnership with the 1,800-member UCSD Retirement Association. This relationship is supported by the excellent coordination efforts of Suzan Cioffi, Director of the UCSD Retirement Resource Center, and by the physical resources of the Center, a well-equipped facility located in the heart of the campus. As a result, emeriti are able to participate in the Retirement AssociationÕs many interest groups. Emeriti Association members have become active participants in RA activities such as the regular financial education seminars; a monthly international film presentation; art and music soirˇes;  discussions led by UC San Diego faculty members; an Investments Interest Group; and a Retiree Investment Club, to name just a few.


5.       During the academic year, the Emeriti Association continues to offer its monthly seminar open to all members, and starting last fall, advertised to current faculty as well. Speakers are faculty members from the full range of academic disciplines. Light refreshments are served and, in addition to providing a rewarding intellectual experience, the seminars offer emeriti an opportunity to socialize with one another on a regular basis.


6.       The Emeriti Association launched its new online event RSVP website. Accessible through the Emeriti Association websiteÕs Events tab, this online event RSVP website lists all upcoming Emeriti Association events, each with its own, detailed event flyer, and provides a user-friendly online registration tool which generates a confirmation email upon registration.


7.       The Emeriti AssociationÕs website continues to be a valuable resource for our members. It can be found at http://emeriti.ucsd.edu. Our quarterly newsletter, superbly edited by Sandy Lakoff, can be found on our website by clicking on ŅChronicles" at the top.

Submitted by: Dick Attiyeh, CUCEA Representative, UCSD Emeriti Association