UC San Diego Emeriti Association Report

October 2010


1.     Membership in the UC San Diego Emeriti Association continues to grow and now includes 490 active members.  A special reception for potential new members in March before our monthly program, along with other outreach activities, has contributed to our steady growth in membership.  Our dues for annual and life memberships remain at $30 and $300, respectively.


2.     The Emeriti Association continues its close partnership with the 1,200-member UCSD Retirement Association.  This relationship is supported by the excellent coordination efforts of Suzan Cioffi, Director of the UCSD Retirement Resource Center, and by the physical resources of the Center, a well-equipped facility located in the heart of the campus.  As a result, emeriti are able to participate in the Retirement AssociationÕs many interest groups.


3.     This year the Emeriti and Retirement Associations are jointly exploring the possibility of developing a senior housing project for retired UCSD employees.  The idea for this possible project was stimulated by our learning of the opening of UCLAÕs Belmont Village assisted-living facility.  On October 9th, we held an open meeting for members of both associations to explore the range of possibilities for a similar project at UCSD.  And we are currently awaiting the responses to a survey designed to assess the strength of potential interest in living in a UCSD-related senior housing facility that has been sent to all members of both associations.


4.     Although budget cuts have led to the cancellation of the campusÕs annual benefits fair for employees, Suzan Cioffi has arranged for a mini benefits fair to be held for retired staff and faculty at the Retirement Resource Center.  In addition, the UCSD Benefits Office is making benefits specialists available for retirees at two sessions in November at the Retirement Resource Center.


5.     The Emeriti AssociationÕs mentoring program is continuing to develop and mature.  This fall we have 29 new mentees, up from 26 last fall.  Our partnership with the ChancellorÕs Scholars and the Express to Success programs for first generation college students has enriched the experience for all of our mentees.  In 2009-10 we raised $7,000, up from $5,700 in 2008-09, for the Emeriti Associations scholarship fund.  Together with matching money from the Chancellor, this enabled us to provide two $5,000 scholarships to incoming freshmen.


6.     The Emeriti AssociationÕs website continues to be a valuable resource for our members.  It can be found at http://emeriti.ucsd.edu.  Our quarterly newsletter, superbly edited by Sandy Lakoff, can now be found on our website by clicking on ÒChronicles" at the top.


7.     The AssociationÕs members were saddened by the loss this past summer of two of our past Presidents:  Mary Corrigan and Colin Bloor.

Submitted by: Dick Attiyeh, Vice President, UC San Diego Emeriti Association