UC San Diego Emeriti Association Report

Highlights of Activities 2009-2010

1.              Membership in the UCSD Emeriti Association continues to grow and now includes 460 active members.  A reception for potential new members in March before our monthly program along with other outreach activities has contributed to this increase in membership.  Our dues for annual and life memberships remain at $30 and $300, respectively.

2.          Our Association continues its close partnership with the UCSD Retirement Association, which now has 1,100-members.  As a result, emeriti are able to participate in the Retirement AssociationŐs many interest groups.  This relationship is supported by the excellent coordination efforts of Suzan Cioffi, Director of the UCSD Retirement Resource Center, and by the physical resources of the Center, a well-equipped facility located in the heart of the campus.

3.          During the academic year, the UCSD Emeriti Association's Executive Committee meets monthly to discuss Emeriti issues and plan upcoming events.  Following this is the General MembersŐ Meeting at which a distinguished faculty member gives a talk on a timely topic. Typically these talks have been attended by 50-120 active Emeriti Association members.  Special meetings during the year include a Holiday Party that is held jointly with the UCSD Retirement Association – more that 200 members attended this past year – and the Welcoming Reception for potential new members in March.  In June we host a luncheon with a guest speaker at which we also conduct our Annual Business meeting when the new President, President-Elect and members of the Executive Committee are installed.

4.   In November, the Executive Committee formed the Emeriti Health Care Committee to serve as an information resource and to organize special programs for emeriti.  At our April meeting, the supervisor of UCSDŐs Health Care Facilitator Program spoke about the services this program provides to both active and retired faculty and staff.

5.         The UCSD Emeriti and Retirement Associations have jointly begun to explore the possibility of developing a senior housing project on or nearby the campus.  This was inspired by our learning about UCLAŐs Belmont Village project, which opened last year.

6.   This year, Emeriti members are mentoring 57 undergraduates in the ChancellorŐs Scholars Program, all of whom are the first in their families to attend college. Initiated in August 2007, the Mentoring Program is continuing its innovative partnership with the campusŐs Express to Success program to provide ChancellorŐs Scholars with monthly community-building gatherings that also provide skills training in public speaking and group leadership.

7.         Professor Emeritus Sandy Lakoff continues as Editor of the CHRONICLES, our official newsletter that is published bi-monthly during the academic year.  In addition to producing an interesting and entertaining newsletter, Professor Lakoff was also a recipient last year on our campus of the Edward A. Dickinson Emeriti Professorship recognizing his many contributions to our Emeriti Association.

8.         In the 2008-2009 academic year, the UCSD Emeriti Association raised $5,700 for the scholarship fund.  During the current academic year, the award sponsored by our Association was given to a freshman with an outstanding high school record.  This yearŐs fund-raising effort is currently underway, so it is too early to report on results for 2009-2010.

9.   The AssociationŐs Web site continues to be regularly updated.  See http://emeriti.ucsd.edu/

Submitted by: Dick Attiyeh, Vice President, UC San Diego Emeriti Association