UC Santa Barbara Emeriti Association Report

October 30, 2008


We have continued our Undergraduate Competition, open to all majors, with a first prize of $1,000 and a second prize of $500. This year we awarded two second prizes and one special prize for an all-student musical theater production. In each of the five previous years of the competition we have awarded one to two first prizes, and most of the time one to two second prizes and some honorable mentions. This is financed by our membership.


As I did last year, I personalized the text of the dues notice and invested a few hours to sign each notice and add personal comments to more than 300 members that I knew. The response was gratifying. Unsolicited donations for the scholarship fund were included with dues, and these may be returned since we suspended the Undergraduate Scholarship Competition for one year to study restructuring of the activity.


Cooperation with our Arts and Lectures continued, and members were offered free tickets to selected events.


We are still considering augmenting luncheons, with presentations, from two to three per year. These have always been well attended; the chancellor and his spouse attend most of these, as does the executive vice chancellors, various deans and staff persons.


For the second year hand running one of our emeriti received a Panunzio award.


For the bio-bib survey I used a free-style format that resulted in a high rate of good returns, but the data turned out very difficult to tabulate.


David Sprecher