UC Santa Barbara Emeriti Association Report

Fall 2010






Emeriti Association President Morgan issued two periodic reports apprizing members of developments relating to post-employment and health benefits.  These reports were distributed to all UCSB emeriti, as well as to retirees.


In conjunction with the Retirees’ Association, a quarterly newsletter was again published and distributed. 





UCSB Emeriti & Retiree Associations  2010 Fall Kickoff


The UCSB Emeriti Association continues to explore new events and activities that will be of interest to its members.  The first annual UCSB Emeriti & Retiree Associations Fall Kickoff was held at the Faculty Club on the afternoon of October 15.  The new event was a great success, with over one hundred guests in attendance.  Guests were charged a nominal fee of $5 to help defray the cost of wine and appetizers, but newly retired faculty and staff were invited to attend without charge as guests of the associations.  Guests were welcomed by officers and board members of the two associations. The new Chair of the UCSB Academic Senate, Professor of Economics Henning Bohn spoke on UC Proposed Pension Change – Now & the Future.”  Subsequent discussion focused on The Report of the President’s Task Force on Post-Retirement Benefits, including the dissenting statement appended to the report.  Professor Bohn is an expert on Social Security and pension schemes.  




The UCSB Association currently has 134 members, including 11 of the 30 faculty members who retired in 2010.