UC Santa Barbara Emeriti Association Report

Fall 2014



Along with the Retirees’ Association, a quarterly newsletter continues to be published and distributed.  Recent issues have been expanded to keep emeriti better informed. http://www.hr.ucsb.edu/sites/www.hr.ucsb.edu/files/docs/retirees/Fall%202014.pdf

Spring 2014 Spring Get-Together

The Spring Get-Together was held, in conjunction with the UCSB Retirees’ Association, on May 12 at the Mosher Alumni House.  In addition to a social hour, it featured a presentation by Mark Weinsoff, a UCSB staff member, and several other members of the UCSB chapter of the Optimists, entitled “Applied Optimism.”  Approximately 50 guests attended the event.

UCSB Emeriti Association Research Awards

The UCSB Emeriti Association held its annual competition to recognize outstanding scholarship by UCSB undergraduates. Judging took place at the May 20, 2014 UCSB Undergraduate Research Colloquium for the best entries in three major discipline areas: Humanities & Fine Arts; Physical Science, Mathematics, and Engineering; and, Social Sciences and Psychology.

The Undergraduate Research Colloquium is a campus-wide event that entails a day-long poster session held at the UCSB University Center.  This year there were 181 posters on display.  These highlighted the research and creative activity of 211 undergraduates, who were mentored by 105 UCSB faculty.  Fifteen UCSB emeriti and one active faculty member served as judges.  The judges received written project descriptions in advance of the event, then spent several hours studying the posters and talking with the undergraduate researchers.  They then met with their fellow judges to discuss the entries and to decide on the distribution of the awards. 

Over $2,000 was awarded, based on the quality of the research presented, and on the skill and clarity of the presenter's discussion.  Funding was made possible by emeriti donations.  The Emeriti Association awards are the only awards given at this event.

The winners of the 2014 UCSB Emeriti Association Research Awards:

Humanities & Fine Arts First place: “R.M. Schlinder’s Only Church” -Linda Cabrera, Art Second place: “Shellshock” –Ralph Semilla and Tinbete Daniel, Film and Media Studies Third place (tied): “Assured Commitment: Ngo Dinh Diem’s Official State Visit, 1957” –Paul Pham, History and “There Are Few Heroes Here: Understanding the Devastation of the Paraguayan War” –Dominic Moretto, History of Public Policy

Science & Engineering First place: “Reproductive Division of Labor in Class Trematoda” –Anastasia Quintana, Biological Sciences Second place: “Epithelial Polarity Proteins in Cell Migration” –Yuheng Sun, Biochemistry-Molecular Biology Third place: “The Divergent Nature of Purine Utilization among Species of the Subphylum Saccharomy-cotina” –Nicole Allen, Biological Sciences and Keifer Kurtz, Pharmacology

Social Sciences First place: “Gender Differences in Online Shopping” –Qinglan Li, Communication Second place: “Food Flexibility in Adults with Autism” –Ross Candelore, Biological Sciences Third place: “The Matthew Effect: Spatiality vs Gender Theme in Non-Gaming Females’ Preferences of Video Games” –Chelsea Lonergan, Psychology


The Panel of Judges:

Humanities & Fine Arts: William Ashby* (Emeritus), Tonia Shimin* (Emerita), Naomi Greene (Emerita), Nancy Gallagher (Emerita)

Science & Engineering: David Chapman* (Emeritus), William Prothero* (Emeritus), Dale Seborg (Emeritus), Robert Warner (Emeritus), Michael Crandall (Emeritus), Don Aue (current Professor)

Social Sciences: Barbara Voorhies* (Emerita), Don Brown (Emeritus), Llad Phillips (Emeritus), Roger Davidson (Emeritus), Loy Lyttle (Emeritus)

Coordinator: Douglas Morgan* (Emeritus)

* UCSB Emeriti Association Board Member



Our membership increased substantially this year, despite an increase in dues from $10 to $15.  This is likely the result of our decision to send a separate mailing inviting emeriti to join the Association. (Mailings had been curtailed in recent years, due to budget cuts.)




2014/2015 (to date)





$  272.00



$  133.00



$  102.00



$  135.00






$  169.00


Issues about which we would welcome advice from other campuses

Š       how to obtain in more timely manner, and maintain, current data on emeriti names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses

Š       how to more effectively recruit new members

Submitted by Bill Ashby, CUCEA representative for UCSB