Both Clifford Wurfel, UCRRA head, and I as UCREA head, want to thank all those at UCSC for their work that resulted in such a fine CUCEA/CUCRA assembly at UCSC October 30, 2008.  Since Cliff is unable to attend the spring joint meeting at UCSD, let me acknowledge those who made such extensive preparations for our gathering in La Jolla.  Suzan Cioffi and the heads of UCSDEA and UCSDRA, plus others, IÕm sure, deserve congratulations and hearty thanks.


At Riverside UCREA held its usual three meetings, one each quarter, part of the associationÕs appeal being that we meet infrequently.  The chancellor upheld tradition by hosting our fall lunch November 24, at which he and we congratulated our outstanding emeritus of the year, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of the Department of Comparative Literatures and Foreign Languages Reinhold Grimm.  Prior awardees made the selection, suggesting that in future eligibility require retirement five or more years ago and a consistent subsequent record of academic activity and/or service.  Reinhold GrimmÕs eminent record of numerous publications  and four books since retiring in 2003 included studies of FieldingÕs Tom Jones, Berthold Brecht, and Guenther Kunert, whose poetry plus that of Enzensberger he assiduously translated for a total exceeding 30 poems.  We are sad to report that he passed away March 5th, 2009, too soon after we hailed his many accomplishments.


The winter meeting and lunch February 17 featured an inspiring talk by our chancellor Timothy White on how UCR is coping and planning for its future.  ÒWeÕll get there; it will just take a little longer,Ó expresses the gist of his encouraging remarks.  Invitations to both retired faculty and staff led to approximately 80 attendees, a record.


For the second year, UCREA and UCRRA will join together to present a joint lunch following commencement in June, when campus parking is less daunting.  Those retiring before 1995 may park anywhere; those who retired later are limited to outlying lots, so we provide parking close by for the event.  Our permits remain without cost. 


On other fronts, we are regularizing sending all campus units an inquiry to elicit names of all those retiring the end of June or earlier in the academic year, so we may invite them to join us.    

Like some other campuses, recruitment efforts still need improvement, although we did better last year.  We also need additional funding, perhaps raising annual dues from $10 to $12.  The UCR Alumni & Visitor CenterÕs leader, Assistant Vice Chancellor Kyle Hoffman, and Director of Constituent Relations Allison Tavaglione, continue to help us, especially with our joint quarterly newsletter Towertalk, and Kyle invited us to place other campus newsletters in his buildingÕs reading room.  Since the demolition of what was once the Faculty and then the University Club, the center, where CUCEA and CUCRA met in April of 2008, bids fair to become our de facto home.


                                                            Respectfully submitted,


                                                            Dericksen Brinkerhoff

                                                            Head, UCREA