Lunch meetings with speakers once a term seem to suit us best, sandwiched between earlier and later UCRRA lunches that begin and end each quarter, with invitations going to both groups.  UCREA had planned an autumn welcome for new emeriti that did not come to pass, perhaps next fall.  The early February winter lunch was well attended.  It witnessed the official induction of new president Tony Norman, and the retirement of outgoing leader Dericksen Brinkerhoff, who had held the position since the death in 2002 of the previous president Michael Reagan.  Kind words and good feelings prevailed. There was also a featured speaker, Dean Richard Olds, who described UCR’s forthcoming medical school, that he will lead, and he answered every question with skill and contagious enthusiasm leading to vigorous applause.


A chancellor’s joint reception to honor new emeriti who will retire this June and to recognize UCREA’s outstanding emerita/us has yet to emerge from the planning stage.  The event was inaugurated in May of 2010, but took place too early in the term, so many who opted for retirement in June did not come.  A later date should fit better.  UCREA and UCRRA have settled on an annual joint lunch following Commencement, easier campus parking, whose speaker is chosen by the emeriti president.  Our new leader, who selected Dean Olds to speak in February with such success, has persuaded none other than the chancellor to address us.  It brings to mind Thurber’s “banner with a strange device, ‘Excelsior.’” 


                                                            Respectfully submitted,


                                             Anthony Norman and Dericksen Brinkerhoff

May 9, 2011