(July 2010- June 2011)


Anthony (Tony) Norman, President


            I am the new President of the UC-Riverside Emeriti Association. Dericksen Brinkerhoff after serving for almost a decade as the UCREA President passed the torch to me on March 1, 2011. This report will cover a variety of topics that I have been involved in or for which I have some concerns.

            Traditionally UCREA has only had two officers, a President and Treasurer. I invited Professor of Botany and Plant Sciences Robert (Bob) Heath, Emeritus to serve as our Treasurer and he accepted. At UCR the Emeriti Association and the Staff Retirees are administratively associated with the UCR  Alumnae Association. Our joint meetings are held in a conference room of the Alumnae Center. Both Associations together have access to no more than about 30% of a Staff Person in the Alumnae Center. It is a small operation. At UCR we have ~ 260 Emeriti and about 87 or 33% are dues paying members; our annual dues are only $15.

            Our major activity in collaboration with our Retiree Association is to present in each academic year 4-5 luncheons. We have an average attendance of 50 -70. I have invited our Chancellor, Tim White and Brian Wicks trom, our new Athletics Director, to speak. Also the Chair of the Retiree’s Association Cliff Wurfel and I collaborate 3X on preparing a joint Newsletter ‘Tower Talk’. Electronic copies of this are sent to all of our respective members and to CUCEA.

            I have developed two new UCREA projects. We initiated this past August a fund-raising drive to create an annual $5000 scholarship for a UCR student. We need only about 30% of our total UCREA to contribute $50 annually to reach our goal. As the recent Chair of the Academic Senate (for 2 years) we approved a new academic title “Professor of the Graduate Division”. This title is useful to Emeriti who continue to have active research programs. To obtain the title a candidate must prepare a summary of his/her research, teaching and service activities (a typical Merit advancement file) that is approved by their Department, the appropriate Dean and then the Committee on Academic Personnel.  This program was modeled on a similar one at UC-Berkeley that was initiated in about 1994.