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Campus Report for

CUCEA @ UC-Santa Cruz October 31st, 2012


Prepared by Tony Norman


(1)  MacArthur Fellowship Award


It was announced on October 1st of 2012, that Uta Barth, a Professor of Art Emerita at the University of California, Riverside known for her photographic work in visual perception won a $500,000 MacArthur Fellowship. This is one of the most prestigious awards in the country. She is one of 23 MacArthur Fellows for 2012 named by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.


The MacArthur Foundation described Barth as “an artist whose evocative, abstract photographs explore the nature of vision and the difference between how a human sees reality and how a camera records it. In contrast to documentary and confessional modes of photography, Barth intentionally depicts mundane or incidental objects in nondescript surroundings in order to focus attention on the fundamental act of looking and the process of perception.”



(2)  Luncheon Sessions


A decade long standing tradition of having a joint luncheon of the Emeriti Association and the Retirees Association members is still being continued. These are held on Friday’s from 11:30 AM- 1:00 PM in our Alumnae and Visitor’s Center.


June 15th 2012: Professor Carlos E. Cortez, Professor Emeritus of History. He gave a reading from his newly published autobiography titled "Rose Hill".


September 28th  2012:  Dr. Norman Ellstrand, Professor of Genetics and  recipient of the Academic Senate Faculty Research award for 2011- 2012, gave a talk “Prying into the long distance romance of plants”.


(3)  2011-12 Distinguished Campus Service Awards

  (includes a $500 honorarium)


(a) Professor Anthony W. Norman of the Department of Biochemistry is a recipient of a Distinguished Campus Service Award for the academic year 2011-2012. He has been a member of the faculty at UCR since 1963. He was a major influence on the original Biomedical Sciences Program, and also on the development of the UCR School of Medicine proposal in 2008. He retired as Distinguished Professor of Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences,Emeritus in 2005. Professor Norman’s contributions to the Academic Senate since 2005 have been extensive. He was Chair of the System-wide Committee on Academic Personnel (UCAP) 2005-2006, a member of the UCR Planning and Budget Committee 2005-2008 (Chair and UCR representative to the all-UC Planning and Budget Committee 2006-2008). In 2008 he was elected to a two-year term as Chair of the UCR Academic Senate and with that position came many other high-profile activities.


(4)   New Treasurer of UCR’s Emeritus Association


Professor Emeritus Irving Hendrick was appointed as the Treasurer of UCR’s Emeritus Association on June 1st, 2012. Irv has been a faculty member at UCR since 1965 in our School of Education. He served as Dean of the School of Education from 1987 – 1998 at which time he retired. He then served at UCR as the Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor of Development from 1998 – 2000.




(5)  UC-Riverside’s Chancellor announcement on October 3rd, 2012


                  I want to take a moment away from the joy and celebration that is rippling through the campus this week to share with you the wonderful news about the accreditation of the new UCR medical school. .Just yesterday afternoon we received notification from the Liaison Committee for Medical Education that the School of Medicine has been granted preliminary accreditation. This means we can begin recruiting students for the charter class of 50 medical students, enrolling in August 2013. This is the first new UC medical school in 40 years.   I would like to publicly thank G. Richard Olds, the dean of our new medical school. During this drawn-out accreditation process, he has shown his mettle. An international expert in infectious disease, he left an enviable position as chair of medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin to help make this school a reality. With each new challenge, he rolled up his sleeves and ploughed ahead with determination and confidence.



(6)  UC-Riverside’s Chancellor announcement on October 5thh, 2012

                   Dear Friends,   Today’s Friday Letter is without doubt the hardest I have had to write. As some of you will have learned by now, the Trustees of California State University voted yesterday to name me as the seventh chancellor of their 23-campus system. I have, with profoundly mixed emotions, accepted their offer. This decision fills me with both pain and pride. Pain at leaving an institution and community that has been so enormously welcoming to my family and me. Pride at all we have accomplished together, and for achievements yet to come. Although I did not seek out this position at CSU, I believe I can bring a unique perspective. First, because I am a product of California’s Master Plan, having attended Diablo Valley Community College, two Cal State campuses – Fresno and East Bay – and UC Berkeley. Second, because CSU is facing so many issues that are similar to UC.


(7)  Planning for the spring meeting of 2013 for CUCEA and CUCRA at the Riverside campus of the University of California on Wednesday/Thursday April 17th and 18th.

Details will be available in a separate document.