UCLA Emeriti Association 2012/3 Report to CUCEA


Submitted by David Lopez, November 2013


We celebrated two major victories for Emeriti rights and welfare:


     Retired Emeriti can now be granted the title Research Professor, which acknowledges continued high levels of research and scholarly achievement after retirement.  At least one other campus has a similar title, which is both an acknowledgment of continued activity and also useful for researchers applying for support in many fields. 


     Our Chancellor decided to not raze the UCLA Faculty Center and replace it with the new Luskin Conference and Guest Center.  Instead, the Luskin Center will be built on the site of a parking structure adjacent to the Student Union and Pauley Pavilion.  Hopefully the Luskin Center will prove to be a valuable resource for Emeriti in future years.  Meanwhile, the Association works closely with the Faculty Center Board on much-needed repairs and improvements, and we expect that the Faculty Center will continue to be the nexus of our activities for many years to come.


Pending throughout spring and summer 2013 were the changes we all know are coming to retiree healthcare insurance. One notable effort in preparation:  Eddie Murphy and her staff at the Emeriti/Retiree Center planned a Healthcare Fair/Forum for October 28, the first day of Open Enrollment; it was very well attended indeed.


Association President John Edmond and President-elect Steve Cederbaum worked to expand membership and the scope of Association activities.  One new initiative is mentoring programs aimed at both students and junior faculty.  They and other board members are also working actively with the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs to increase emeriti involvement in their departments and schools.  To both ends, the Association has embarked on a survey intended to stimulate membership and Association responsiveness to emeriti concerns. 


We continued our active calendar of social and cultural activities, including lectures, dinners and, of course, our Annual Art Show.


The Executive Board welcomes new leadership and several new members for 2013-14.  Steve Cederbaum assumes the Presidency, and Dan Mitchell has been elected as Vice President.  Immediate Past Vice Provost Judi Smith takes on the Program Committee Chair and David Lopez will head the Emeriti Welfare Committee (he also serves as CUCEA Representative and is Chair of the Senate Emeriti Committee).  Several members are cycling off the Board, including such stalwarts as Charles West, Eric Fonkalsrud, Robert Scott, and Paul Sheats.