Report of UCLA Emeriti Association

October 27, 2010



“Giving Back.”   The newly installed President of the UCLA Emeriti Association, Donna Vredevoe, announced at the first meeting of the fall that our theme this year would be “Giving Back,” emphasizing ways in which Emeriti can support the University, its students, and the community, and that Emeriti constitute an economically and intellectually powerful constituency.


Lecture and Dinner Programs.  After his discussion, last May, of  “Political Satire: The Offensive Art,” Professor Leonard Freedman gave a rollicking musical demonstration of that art.    This fall and winter we look forward to our usual series of after lunch and dinner talks,  including a panel discussion of “The Current Health Care Situation,” discussions of “Global Security and Human Security,”  and “On Memory.”   At our November dinner  the composer Roger Bourland will talk about his own work and the choices his career as a composer has led him to make. 


Risk to UCLA Faculty Center.   Built in the 1950’s, the spacious, ranch-style Faculty Center has long functioned as a place where faculty and administration can meet in companionable and hospitable  surroundings.    The current Administration plans to demolish this building to make room for a  conference center,  which will include facilities for a Faculty Club.    Of still uncertain height—projections range from four to nine stories—the new building will contain nearly 300 hotel rooms as well as meeting  and dining rooms.    An architect has been hired, and it seems likely that the conference center will be built.  In April you will have a chance to enjoy the present building, perhaps for the last time, as it will be the site of CUCEA’s spring meeting. 


Research Professor Title.   This title will soon be available to UCLA Emeriti,  thanks to the work of the Association.


Award Winners.   Our Emeritus of the Year Award for 2010 went to Herb Kaesz, Professor Emeritus of  Chemistry, for his many contributions to the Association.   Distinguished Service Awards went to Dorothea Frederking and Sharon Belkin, for their  work on the Hospitality Committee.


Other Mentionables.   Our Lending Library in the Faculty Center, which is managed by a dedicated team of EA members, continues to meet the reading appetites of over a hundred emeriti and faculty.   Over ten lectures were given during the spring to community audiences in our Speakers Program, and we expect that our pilot Mentors Program will get off the ground later this fall.   The annual September picnic for emeriti and retirees was a great success, as usual.    We continue to look for better ways  of attracting young emeriti (not an oxymoron!) to the Association. 


                                                                                           Paul Sheats, CUCEA Representative