Report of the UCLA Emeriti Association

October, 2011

Now in its forty-fifth year, the UCLA Emeriti Association currently numbers over 900 members.    

Last spring the Marion G. Broome Foundation was established to honor the memory of Marion Broome (1934-2009),  founder and first director of the UCLA Emeriti and Retiree Center.   Marion’s compassionate and far-reaching service to UCLA retirees and emeriti shaped the character of the young  Center in its early years.  Her final role was as Chairwoman for the Broome Family Foundation. She was admired by family and friends for her wisdom, patience, and encouragement.

In September we lost our past President, Donna Vredevoe (1938-2011).   Before she retired, Donna played an influential role at UCLA as a faculty member at the School of Nursing and went on to serve as chair of the Academic  Senate and Vice Chancellor  for Academic Affairs.   As our President she carried out her duties with resolve and good cheer despite critical medical problems that at times required her to attend meetings in a wheelchair or by phone.  Determined to keep going, she successfully completed her term in June.  To the Association Donna was an inspiration as well as a compassionate friend.

Our Program Events this fall included a live performance by The Brush Master, Grammy-winner Clayton Cameron, and we look forward to our fall dinner, when Professor Emeritus of Surgery Paul Terasaki will speak on “My Sixty-year Effort to Make Clinical Transplants Safer.”   At the winter dinner noted author Jared Diamond will reflect on “The Rise and Fall of Civilizations.”   Other speakers this fall and winter will discuss nanocience and the digital archiving of film and television.   We will also hear Jonathan Kellerman, popular author and clinical professor, as well as a Mariachi concert.

The administration proposal to build a Residential Conference Center on the site of the current Faculty Center has been put on hold, after a highly critical report by the Academic Senate Committee on Planning and Budget and spirited opposition by emeriti and community.   Whether the project will be renewed or re-sited remains in doubt.

Our proposal to make a Research Professor Title available to qualified UCLA emeriti faculty continues to wind its way through Academic Personnel and the Academic Senate.  We hope to see it approved later this year.

Held last May,  the annual Sylvia Weinstein Emeriti Arts and Crafts Exhibit displayed the work of 28 artists.   The featured artist was Frank Chen,  Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering, for his remarkable nature photography.    Works exhibited included oil paintings and acrylics, jewelry and carvings, quilting, and sewing, as well as photography, all amid a sumptuous array of good things to eat and good friends to greet.

This year’s Association Awards included the Lifetime Distinguished Service Award, which was given to Daniel Atkinson  for his faithful and effective service.    The Emeritus of the Year is former President Charles West, and Treasurer Jane Permaul was given the Distinguished Service Award.

Other Mentionables:   John Edmond was chosen as our new President-Elect, and will succeed current President Eric Fonkalsrud in July, 2012.   The UCLA Emeriti Association was glad to assist in welcoming CUCEA and CUCRA to last spring’s biannual meeting.  Heartfelt thanks to our Emeriti and Retiree Center Director, Eddie Murphy, and her hard-working staff, for making it an event enjoyed by hosts as well as guests.