UC Irvine Emeriti Association (UCI EA) Report

CUCRA/CUCEA Meeting – October 2016


UCI currently has 497 Emeriti. Per data from the recent system-wide survey, more than half of our emeriti/ae continue to be very engaged on our campus and/or in our community.


Regular Meetings

We hold monthly Executive Committee meetings at the Newkirk Alumni Center building on the UCI Campus at 10 a.m. on the second Thursday of each month to which all emeriti are invited.  A central topic at recent meetings has been our response to a section of the new UCI Strategic Plan that calls for ways to more fully engage our emeriti/ae in the activities of the campus. On behalf of the Association, I am in contact with the campus central top administrators and Deans. As President, I am a member of the campus Academic Planning Group, which also has a subgroup exploring issues of “engagement.”


Annual Business Meeting/ Outstanding Emeritus/a Award

Our 2016 Business Meeting in June was highlighted by a beautifully illustrated talk on Spirals by Nicholas Alexopoulous, Emeritus Dean of our Samueli School of Engineering.  At this meeting, in a stunning case study in democracy (perhaps a palace coup), I was suddenly and unanimously elected to the Presidency, due to the early resignation of George Miller to deal with unexpected circumstances (now well-resolved).  It was also my pleasure at the meeting to announce our two exceptional selections for the 2016 UCI Outstanding Emeritus/a Award. Professor Emeritus of Anthropology Kim Romney is recognized for both his path-breaking work in mathematical anthropology and, in retirement, his ability to completely retrain himself and publish major work in cognitive psychology and visual perception, resulting in important mathematical models of vision, patents, and winning an InnoCentive Challenge Contest.  The second awardee, Professor Emeritus of Physiology and Biophysics N.D. Vaziri, continued his distinguished career in retirement with more than 100 published papers and breakthroughs in the treatment of kidney diseases, impressive awards, and continued mentoring of physicians and post-doc fellows.


Quarterly Scholarly Lectures

The UCIEA Program Committee arranged two more lectures for our quarterly series. Margo Norris, Emerita Chancellor’s Professor of English & Comparative Literature spoke on “James Joyce and the film of Ulysses".  Professor of Political Science Marty Wattenberg presented his analyses, “How Donald Trump Won the GOP Nomination and Handed the Election to the Democrats” (on October 10, with a title announced before the infamous Billy Bush-Trump bus tape and its aftermaths). Each lecture was well attended and provoked many questions.


Other Issues

Among the other issues, the UCIEA is working on the move-down policies of the extremely successful University Hills residential community on campus (where some emeriti/a live), negotiating a better deal for on-campus parking, stabilizing the arrangements with the local residential retirement facility and coordinating with the Osher Lifelong Learning group. These are in coordination with our UCI Center for Emeriti and Retirees with our director, Jeri I. Frederick.



UC Irvine is completing an extended 50th anniversary celebration. One aspect has been UCI Stories: 50th Anniversary Oral History Project -- a series of videotaped oral histories by many of those who have played a significant role in the evolution of the campus. More than 20 of our emeriti/ae are among the 55 participants, usually in two-person conversations, and accessible at http://50th.uci.edu/events/uci-stories-50th-anniversary-oral-history-project/ .  And, for the last two years, the UCI Emeriti Newsletter has featured “Reflections” by emeriti/ae of their early-decade experiences. Among those featured are Majorie Caserio, Richard Frank, Jim McGaugh, Bob Newsom, Bill Parker and me.  Details of UCIEA-everything are on our website at http://sites.uci.edu/emeriti.


President:  James N. Danziger                               Email: emeriti@uci.edu