UC Irvine Report to CUCEA- October 2010



The UCI EA has an Executive Committee of approximately 20-25 which meets monthly. The committee has Officers and two retiree assistants who share in duties specific to the UCI EA.   The President of the UCIRA and the Center Director attend the monthly meetings. 


The UCI EA has:

- a quarterly newsletter via email/mail,

- an annual Holiday Party,

- provides an Outstanding Faculty Mentorship Award,

- an Outstanding Emeritus Award, and

- hosts an Annual Meeting of the Membership.


We have approximately 350 Emeriti, of which one third are dues paying members. This number remains steady although the number of individuals choosing to offer a lifetime membership rather than paying annual dues has increase each year.


The UCI EA Annual Membership Meeting was June 7th and featured award presentations for an Outstanding Faculty Mentorship Award and an Outstanding Emeritus Award.  The event also included a keynote speaker, Sidney H. Golub, Ph.D., presenting on the subject of "Policy and Ethics Issues of Human Stem CellsÓ, prior to the actual business portion of the meeting.  Further, the annual meeting ushered in the new slate of Officers, which included yours truly.


An effort which I am very happy to say we have put to rest after two years of intense debate and effort is the updating of our own bylaws.  I would say more about this lengthy and painful process, however, after two years no one really wants to discuss it even one second more!


As the new President  I look forward to hosting the combined meeting of CUCRA/CUCEA in the spring of 2012.




Ted Quilligan