UC Davis Emeriti Association Report

CUCUEA Meeting, November 5, 2013

UC San Francisco



Recognition for Colleagues

In October, our Awards and Recognition Committee recommended four emeriti for Dickson Professorships: William Jackson (Chemistry) James J. Murphy (English) Calvin Qualset (Plant Science) and William Lasley (Veterinary Medicine). 


Monthly Meetings and Brainfood Talks

The Emeriti Association and the Retiree Association hold their monthly executive committee meetings on the same day.  The Emeriti meet in the morning and the Retirees meeting in the early afternoon.  For coordination purposes, each has a representative who attends the other’s meeting.  Sandwiched between the two meetings (pun intentional) is a lunchtime presentation by a speaker on a topic of interest.  These talks, formerly called “Noon Talks,” now go by a new name, “Brainfood Talks.”  They are publicized through local media and members of both associations are encouraged to attend.  Attendance at these talks is typically in the range of 40 people, but on occasion has run as high as 150, depending on the speaker and his or her topic as well as the time of year. 


Emeriti Involvement in Current Campus Business

Retired faculty members continue to be sufficiently well represented in campus planning and governance circles.  One noteworthy illustration in the past year is that two emeritus colleagues were asked to chair two special committees that reviewed competitive proposals and awarded several million dollars to interdisciplinary teams with promising research proposals. 


Coffee With Campus Leaders

In the previous academic year (2012-13), some events and activities on campus provoked enough interest among the members of the Executive Committee that we sought out some first-hand background on them.  This led to inviting campus leaders on two occasions to meet with the committee for informal briefings and discussions.  These sessions were judged to be quite valuable and the decision was made to formalize them this year into a ‘program’ of occasional meetings with invited campus leaders.  We are calling these get-togethers “Coffee With Campus Leaders.”  The schedule is presently being established, but thus far the individuals we have contacted have accepted our invitations with enthusiasm.  Currently on our calendar are three Vice Chancellors and the Campus Librarian.    


 Social Activity

We have made occasional attempts to carry on some of the traditional faculty social events (in earlier years, they were Faculty Club gatherings such as the spring Steak Bake) but we have not been able to generate a level of participation needed to make them successful.  This fall, we are trying something new called the “Fall Fest.”  It is a free Saturday afternoon barbecue open to all retirees.  We have over 200 people registered to attend.