UC Davis Emeriti Association (UCDEA)

Report of activities (May 2012 – October 2012)


The UCDEA has been very active during the past six months, working jointly with the UC Davis Retirees’ Association (UCDRA) and the Retiree Center to provide programs and services for UC Davis emeriti.

General Meetings & Noon Talks

The UCDEA/UCDRA joint program committee arranged the programs for monthly noon talks and quarterly general meetings. Committee members made speaker arrangements and provided coffee, tea, and cookies at the noon talks. Speakers from within and outside the University community have been featured. At the May meeting, former State Supreme Justice, Cruz Reynoso, discussed the findings of the Task Force that investigated the “pepper spray” incident at UC Davis in November 2011. His report provided an excellent analysis of the timelines and decisions that led up to the “incident”. For 2012-13, the noon talks are moving to a larger venue and will be publicized to the general campus community as well as retirees. It is hoped that this will help to increase awareness of the UCDEA and UCDRA among UC Davis’ pre-retirees.

Activities and Events

While the Retiree Center provides the planning nucleus for most retiree social events, educational programs and day trips, the UCDEA contributes to their success by donating funds, goods and services for social programs; providing volunteers to serve on event planning and implementation committees; and encouraging their members to attend the events. The UCDEA will continue to co-sponsor an annual social event, the New Retirees Reception and day trips. For 2012-13, the Retiree Center, UCDEA and UCDRA co-sponsored a new event, the New Retirees Resource Day, to introduce new retirees many of the campus and community resources available to them. This was a very successful venture, with 140 new retirees attending. In addition, the UCDEA will be co-sponsoring quarterly tours of campus venues for association members. The UCDEA also collaborate with the Cal Aggie Alumni Association assisting in a number of upcoming events.

Video Records Project

The UCDEA Video Records Project produces video histories of the campus by interviewing emeriti/ae and campus administrators and producing DVDs of the interviews. The committee completed an upgrade of technical equipment which was funded by contributions from the UCDEA. Retiree Center staff provided technical and administrative support to the project, including attending meetings, ordering equipment and software, and assisting with software training. Currently over 370 videos have been completed greatly enhancing the recorded history of our campus. The DVDs are shown weekly on local public access television station and are available at the university library.


The UCDEA and UCDRA joint publication, Campus Connections, has been highly successful, providing information and timely announcements for both associations. The co-editors and Center staff continue to fine-tune the production process. In addition, the UCDEA worked with the Retiree Center staff to create a brochure for the association. This brochure is sent to new emeriti/ae, is included in the retirement information provided by the campus, and is available at Center and association events.

Executive Committee

UCDEA Executive Committee meetings were held monthly during the academic year. Several projects were completed:

Š       Committee charge statements were written, including purpose, membership, and procedures for each group.

Š       An Orientation Committee was established to orient new UCDEA officers concerning their responsibilities.

Š       The possibility of establishing an Emeriti/ae College on the Davis campus is under discussion with a report due soon.

Š       Members of the UCDEA Executive Committee have been nominated to serve on various campus committees. Two members of the UCDEA and one member of the UCDRA were appointed to the 2020 Initiative task force charged with planning the resources necessary to increase enrollment by 5,500 students by 2020. They have provided input and are involved in writing the final recommendations to be submitted to Chancellor Katehi. We are pleased to be able to assist the campus in this critical planning exercise. The president and vice president of the UCDEA were asked to serve on the Campus Community Council, a group charged with evaluating the culture of our campus. The president of UCDEA was appointed to the search committee for an interim vice chancellor of student affairs. The chancellor and the campus community value the experience provided by the emeriti.


The UCDEA membership chair worked with Center staff to coordinate new membership and annual renewal drives, and to update and maintain accurate membership rosters. The membership count as of 9/1/2012 was 436.