UC Davis Emeriti Association (UCDEA)

Report of the Annual Activities (2010-2011)


The UCDEA and the UCDRA continue to closely collaborative with the UC Davis Retiree Center, providing volunteer services, financial support, and   contributing to the success of the Center programs through a variety of means, including   funds, goods and services for social programs; providing volunteers to serve on event planning and implementation committees; and encouraging their members to attend the events.

General Meetings & Noon Talks

The UCDEA/UCDRA joint program committee arranged the programs for monthly noon talks and assisted within arrangements for the quarterly general meetings. Committee members followed through with themade speaker arrangements, and provided coffee, tea, and cookies at all of the noon talks. The attendance for the monthly noon meetings averaged approximately 40 attendees this year. Attendance at the fall general meeting was the highest ever recorded, with 220 participants.   The aAssociation is attempting to increase the interaction with the rRetirees located at the Sacramento Campus of the UCDavis Medical   CenterUC Davis Health System campus in Sacramento. We have scheduled a few of our two noon talks and one gGeneral mMeetings on the Sacramento cCampus with the intent of attracting retirees to theour aAssociations.   We will continue to support this effort next year.While the board decided not to continue noon talks at the Sacramento campus due to low participation, the association will continue to hold one general meeting there each year.   

Activities and Events

While the Retiree Center provides the planning nucleus for most retireeof the social events, educational programs and day trips, the Emeriti Association contributes to their success by providing volunteer assistance and financial support. Programs this year included a tennis festival, football tailgate party, wellness challenge, steak bake and Older Americans Month speakers series. Trip destinations included the Empire State Mine State Park, Angelle Island, Mondavi Wine Institute for Wine and Food and “Billy Elliot,” a the Broadway show.

Video Records Project

The UCDEA Video Records Project produces video histories of the campus by interviewing emeriti/ae and campus administrators and producing DVDs of the interviews. This year, the committee continued to work with the   Video Records Project Future Committee to analyze the Video Records Project and plan for the coming years, both with regard to technical changes and committee roles and responsibilities. A major focus is on upgrading technical equipment funded by contributions from the Emeriti Association. Center staff provided technical and administrative support to the project, including attending meetings, ordering equipment and software, and assisting with software training.


The UCDEA and UCDRA joint publication, Campus Connections,   (Co-editors from each Association) has been highly successful, providing information and timely announcements for both aAssociations The new joint newsletter has beenwas well-received, and the co-editors and Center staff continue to fine-tune the production process.

Executive Board

Executive board meetings were held monthly during the academic year. Reports from officers and standing committees were accepted and discussed. Some of the major issues included review and definition of sStanding cCommittees responsibilities, review and alteration of Emeriti Associationthe UCDEA bBy-laws, review of Emeriti Rights and Privileges, revision of the Emeriti Handbook and initiation of the possibility of establishing an Emeriti/ae College   on the Davis cCampus.   The eExecutive bBoard was involved in the discussion of the move to place the Retiree Center under a different administrative unit.   The current plan is to have the Center report to tThe newly- formed Alumni and Development officeOffice of Development.   Representatives from the Board served on the Retiree Center Advisory  BoardCommittee and the Retirees’ Association Executive Board.


The UCDEA membership chair worked with Center staff to coordinate new membership and annual renewal drives, and to update and maintain accurate membership rosters. Membership has increased by 7 members, net. The association lost 8 annual members, but gained 15 life members and had a net loss of two associate members. The membership count as of 3/10/2011 was 426. The Center is working on a project to merge the membership databases for both associations and the Center into one combined database to enhance effectiveness in the future. This project is awaiting the Center’s planned move to Alumni and Development the Office of Development, as it is likely that the Center will begin using a new database at that time.


The UCDEA remains actively involved in the UC-wide umbrella organizations, the Council of University of California Emeriti Associations (CUCEA). UCDEA members attended the state-wide meetings and through involvement in these groups, the association has influenced system-wide changes and has advocated on a state-wide level on behalf of all retirees.   We areThe association is looking forward to hosting the statewide meeting next in October 2011.