October 10-23-15




Professor Emeritus Sheldon Zedeck (Psychology) took the helm of the organization officially on July 1, 2015, and his summer was busy with UCBEA business.  At our first Board Meeting last month, we discussed the ŇsoulÓ of the organization, its purpose, and its membership.  A major outcome of this meeting was the vote to do away with dues and instead welcome ALL Emeriti into membership in UCBEA.  This proposal arose after conversations with BerkeleyŐs Retirement Center as well as with leaders in the other three retirement organizations affiliated with the Retirement Center (UC Retirement Association of Berkeley [UCRAB], EX-LŐs and PresidentŐs and Regents Retirement Association).  Opening membership to all Emeriti allows the organization to be a stronger voice when dealing with Emeriti issues as well as a more welcoming environment for participating in leadership and activities.


Since the spring CUCEA meeting, we announced the selection of our Emeritus of the Year 2015, University Professor Emeritus Neil Smelser (Sociology).  A lunch in his honor will be scheduled this academic year.  We also learned that Professor Emerita Elizabeth Colson (Anthropology, and our 2014 Emerita of the Year) was one of two Panunzio Awardees announced systemwide this year.  We also welcomed Professor Carolyn Bertozzi in May as our final luncheon speaker of the 2014-2015 academic year.


This past summer, members of UCBEA and UCRAB banded together to organize a ŇRenegade RetireesÓ Picnic, one that was NOT sponsored by any University entity.  In glorious weather in our regional Tilden Park, over 40 ŇrenegadesÓ enjoyed each otherŐs company and rousing folksinging.


UCBEA continues to participate in the CampusŐ Transforming Retirement Project, now turning its focus to staff issues as well as the faculty issues worked on for two years.  The WEBsite of the Vice Provost for Faculty has a very useful section on retirement that was informed strongly by the Transforming Retirement Project information.  That WEBsite can be accessed at:  http://ofew.berkeley.edu/welfare/retirement/taking-first-steps-toward-retirement.  In addition, the office of the Vice Provost for Faculty has hired a part time Faculty Retirement Liaison, Professor Emeritus Sam Davis (Architecture) whose role is private discussion with faculty planning retirement.  Professor Davis will assist faculty in negotiating a Pathway to Retirement with the Department to enable a 2-3 year advance timeline prior to retirement.  This Pathway agreement is modelled after that used by UCLA, and it is meant to clarify post-retirement privileges as well as provide the faculty member with a potential period of reducing department and campus teaching and/or administrative activity.  Each Pathway agreement will be individualized and worked out between the department and the soon-to-be-retiree.  Details can be found at:  http://ofew.berkeley.edu/welfare/retirement/pathway-retirement-option.


We also continue our student and faculty mentoring activity, and we meet twice a year with our Departmental Emeriti Representatives to help us help them.


Respectfully submitted,

Sheldon Zedeck, President, UCBEA