UC Berkeley Emeriti Association


                           Report on 2009-2010 Activities of the Board of Directors



During 2009-2010 the Association has followed its established pattern of bi-monthly meetings – in September, 2009, November, 2009, January, 2010, March, 2010 and May 2010.


At these meetings, the issue that has generated the most intense discussion has been the AssociationŐs application for non-profit status as a California corporation (501c7). This step has been deemed necessary because of advice from members of BerkeleyŐs Boalt Hall Law faculty and from UCŐs legal staff. It has nonetheless caused concern to certain members of the Board who are uncertain as to the benefits such status confers upon the Association, and to its implications for the activities of the Board. It was eventually agreed that the change was necessary, and steps were taken to revise the AssociationŐs constitution and bylaws. As part of these deliberations, it was agreed that, in the event of the AssociationŐs dissolution, its assets would be distributed to (1) any successor organization with similar goals ant purposes, and (2) to the UC Retirement Center. It was noted also that the AssociationŐs changed status will require it to file an annual financial report to the federal government.


An issue ancillary to that of the AssociationŐs legal status is that of the Board members liability for accidents that might occur in the course of the AssociationŐs activities. The Board has determined that it is not covered by the UniversityŐs liability policies. It was

therefore determined that the arrangements made for the liability coverage of the UniversityŐs section clubs should be explored.


Other issues of concern to the Board during 2009-2019 were (a) the diversion of parking revenues from the campusŐ parking facilitiesŐ fund to general campus operations to assist with the campus budget deficit; and (b) whether the emeriti can be of assistance to the University in its current budget difficulty. On both these issues it was determined that the Association should take steps to educate the University community, both active and retired faculty and staff, and the California voters, about the issues and the risks to the future of their families by the further diminution of the UC System.


As is customary, the Board also sponsored an Awards sub-committee which has recommended that Professor-Emeritus Andrew Janos (Political Science) be named Emeritus of the Year.


In addition to its administrative duties, the Association also sponsored the following luncheons (with speakers) for 2009-2010:



September 19, 2009

Associate Professor Maximilian Auffhammer

Air Pollution and Global Warming


December 5, 2009

Professor Andrew Stewart

Individuality and Innovation in Greek Sculpture


January 16, 2010

Professor Hubert L. Dreyfus

Luring Back the Gods


March 29, 2010

Professor Peggy G. Lemaux

Can Biotechnology Help Solve the ŇOmnivoreŐs DilemmaÓ?


May 8, 2010

Associate Professor Kevis Goodman

The Interdisciplinary Disease: 18th Century Medicine,

Literature and the Curious Case of Nostalgia



Respectfully submitted by

Errol W. Mauchlan