UCB Emeriti Association

Report for 2008-09


1. Our membership remained at approximately 300 after a vigorous campaign to attract new and lapsed members. We estimate there are approximately 900 emeriti from the Berkeley campus, but many no longer live in the Bay area and others are reaching ages where health issues affect their ability to travel so it is unlikely our membership will grow much beyond the current number.

2. In my 2007-08 report, I commented on our attempt to engage the Chancellor in hosting a reception for emeriti Award recipients (Dickson, Panunzio and Distinguished Emeriti of the Year). The Chancellor agreed to allow us to have a reception at his official home but he did not agree to pay for this reception. We then contacted the UCB University Relations office, and they were much more receptive to becoming involved in this affair. Planning proceeded through the early fall and an Awards Reception was held in late October at the Men's Faculty Club. Approximately 85 individuals, including members and spouses, attended as well as a number of invited guests, including Chancellor Birgeneau and his wife. Our three awardees were present as well as all of our previous awardees. There was a short introduction of all of our awardees, followed by a social hour with wine and cheese. The feedback from many of the attendees was very positive and we are anticipating making this affair an annual one, possibly being held in the spring when campus space is more available.

3. Our Saturday luncheon speaker series continued with five presentations over the course of the academic year. Campus speakers included Professors Chris Sommerville, Barrie Thorne, and Martha Olney. In addition, a local well-known pianist, Sarah Cahill, gave a lecture-performance on new music and Dr. Marshall Stoller from UCSF gave a talk on urology in our aging population. Our luncheons continue to attract a substantial audience of emeriti, spouses and guests even though the Men's Faculty Club has had to increase the luncheon price because of the current dim budgetary situation.

4. A major effort of our organization this year has been to clarify our legal status. After extensive investigation on the Berkeley campus, it is clear that we have no official link to the UC administration and receive no direct support from the campus, although we do receive indirect support through our campus Retirement Center. After consultation with several law firms, we are pursuing an option for incorporation of the UCBEA and then filing for non-profit tax exemption as a 501-C7 organization. Our concerns in pursuing this direction for our organization are related to liability issues as well as clarification of our tax status with both the IRS and the state of California. This is an issue of concern for other campus emeriti associations, as well as CUCEA. Discussions with the emeriti association at UCLA, which is a non-profit tax exempt 501-C7 organization have been particularly helpful to us as we have proceeded along this track. 

5. Our campus awardees for the year are as follows: Panunzio Award nominee--Professor Emerita Louise George Clubb of the Departments of Italian Studies and Comparative Literature;  Dickson Emeriti Professor--Professor Emeritus Herbert Dreyfus of the Department of Philosophy; Distinguished Emeriti of the Year--Professor Emeritus Ignacio Tinoco of the Department of Chemistry. These awardees will be honored at a special Awards Reception during the next academic year.


Submitted by

Prof. Emeritus Richard Malkin

UCB Emeriti Association

April 20, 2009