From May through October 2014, UCBEA remained active.  During the summer, we worked with other members of the UC Berkeley Policy Board for the Retirement Center on the Transforming Retirement project.  This project is designed to develop a “toolkit” of information for faculty and staff during the transition into retirement.  A “draft” WEBsite complete with links to both practical and personal information resources is soon to be tested with UCBEA Board Members on the Berkeley Campus.  This toolkit is also a source of information for Deans and Chairs so that there is accurate advising of faculty as they transition into retirement.  A short presentation about this project and the toolkit will be featured in the joint CUCRA-CUCEA meeting in October 2014.


UCBEA, its campus sister organization UCRAB, as well as all the other UCs sent representatives to the biennial meeting of the Association of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education (AROHE).  This meeting, held in August in Minneapolis, featured many workshops and presentations germane to creating a more retirement-friendly higher education system.  The networking with other organizations across the country was a valuable reminder of how representative groups can together create changes that would be much more difficult for a single association.


We attempted over the summer to generate interest from UCBEA members in joining efforts to mentor faculty new to the Berkeley Campus in the “unwritten rules” and other areas of professional development.  There was limited response to three solicitations.  We are undertaking a broader call for individuals this fall through our Department Emeriti Representatives, a reception for new retirees to be held in November, and more publicity in both newsletters and on the UCBEA WEBsite.  We have continued to work with undergraduates who have expressed interest in meeting with UCBEA members as they navigate majors at Cal and develop their own careers.


Of note, the Academic Senate Committee on University-Emeriti Relations (UER) was merged with the Committee on Faculty Welfare.  The President of UCBEA is an ex officio member of this new Committee as she was of the UER.  Issues will now come before the Committee whose charge also includes actively employed faculty.  The positive outcomes of this merger include:  staff support from the Senate, a voice on our Academic Senate’s Divisional Council, and attendance at the Academic Council meetings of the systemwide Academic Senate.


At our first Board Meeting for Fall, held in September, we discussed the recently released report on Total Remuneration for Ladder Rank Faculty.  This report includes salary and benefits, and there is a comparison with 7 other institutions that have been our benchmark for several past comparisons.  The data are clear.  The UC System’s reduced salaries are NOT compensated by the benefits package; this mantra of the UC Administration and the Legislature is now formally contradicted by the quantitative information.  This report is available on the Regents’ WEBsite.


Respectfully submitted, Caroline M. Kane, President UCBEA