UC Berkeley Emeriti Association


                           Report on Activities of the Board of Directors  since April 2010


The report for the April meeting discussed our progress toward the status of non-profit California corporation  (501c7).   At the Association annual meeting in May, we adopted changes to the constitution and bylaws to reflect this status.  After some negotiations with the Internal Revenue Service, we now have a letter from them confirming our non-profit status. All that remains now is for the state to approve our application to incorporate.


The question of possible legal liability for members of the Board continues be discussed.  A discussion with the campus legal office made it clear that they  unlikely to provide much help in the event of a suit being brought against board members for their official actions.  It is still  not clear what, if any, insurance UCBEA should purchase to protect its board members.


Another topic of continued discussion is the consequences of diminished support of the University by  the State, particular as they affect Emeriti . We are cooperating with other associations of retirees as we search for useful actions we might take in response.

The most recent addition to our board, and serving is Secretary, is Dr. Barbara Davis who has just retired from her position as Assistant Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education.

We continue to meet for luncheon and speaker five times a year, in September, November, January, March and May.    The speaker on September 25 was Professor Emeritus Andrew Janos  of the Political Science Department.   He was presented with his award as Distinguished Emeritus of the Year, after which he gave a very enlightening talk on “World Revolution and Political Islam”.

For the rest of the academic year, our luncheon meetings with speakers include:

November 6, 2010
Dr. Linda Rugg,  Scandinavia department
"Murder on Ice: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and other Scandinavian Crime Fiction." 

January 15,2011
John Ohala, Professor Emeritus, Linguistics
“Language sound changes in the Laboratory”

March 26, 2011
Robert Sawyer, Professor of Engineering Emeritus
“ The politics of Air Quality Management”

May 7, 2011
Stefano DellaVigna, Professor, Economics
“ New insights from Behavioral Economics”


Respectfully submitted,

Roger Glassey