The Association selected Professor Neil Smelser, Sociology, as our Emeritus of the Year for 2015. Professor Smelser will give a talk this Fall Semester in a special lunch event sponsored by UCBEA.


Our Association and our Campus Faculty Welfare Committee has been vigilant about health insurance planned changes by the Office of the President, changes that have engendered much comment to us and to the Office of the President.  Always vigilant re reduction in health insurance options, UCBEA shares with its sister organizations a strong commitment to voicing concerns of members about reductions that are not well considered.


Our next President, Sheldon Zedeck, Emeritus in Psychology, will take office July 1, 2015.  The Association has its Annual Business Meeting on May 2nd to vote formally on next yearŐs officer slate as well as modest ByLaws changes.   That date is our last Association lunch of the academic year and features Professor Carolyn Bertozzi talking about the development of new cancer drugs.


The Association will be involved in the events of Older AmericansŐ Month in May in partnership with our Retirement Center and our companion associations, University of California Retirement Association at Berkeley, PresidentŐs and RegentsŐ Retirement Association and Ex-Lawrence Berkeley Lab members.  A reception is to be held on May 19th as a culmination of a series of events that include talks about the changing face of retirement in academia in the United States.


The Association also has become an active member of the Association of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education (AROHE).  This organization (in which most of our UC organizations reside) is a strong resource for information as well as an advocate for transforming retirement and increasing visibility of retirees at all institutions of higher education in the US.


Stay tuned for Fall activities and positive shenanigans from UCBEA.


Respectfully submitted,


Caroline M. Kane

President, UCBEA