UCRÕs chancellor normally invites all emeriti, and principal campus administrators to a fall luncheon honoring the UCREA outstanding emeritus of the year, chosen by past awardees.  The separate event fell victim to decreased funding, but it was too late in the fall term to schedule a gathering with a different agenda.  CUCEA should be aware that our group is no longer allowed to go directly to the chancellor or to his office.  We now approach through our efficient campus caretaker, Alumni & Constituent Relations. The head of the organization just mentioned, Assistant Vice Chancellor Kyle Hoffman, a strong supporter, worked out and presented to us a solution we adopted, as it also offers a fine recruiting tool.  We will now try an event which combines ours with the chancellorÕs reception for retiring emeriti.


The new arrangement debuts May 11, 4:30-6:00 p.m.  Our honoree will be Emeritus Professor of History Henry Snyder, who fills our rule of having retired five or more years ago.  He has just retired as director of UCRÕs Center for Bibliographic Studies & Research (CBSR).  For his work the second President Bush awarded him the nationÕs Humanities medal, and Queen Elizabeth conferred upon him the Order of the British Empire, OBE, a rare distinction for an American.  Former awardees selected him, and also encouraged UCREA to increase its dues.


The standard winter lunch and talk in February, the 23rd, featured Post Employment Benefits member Helen Henry, as speaker, who attracted some forty odd emeriti.  Emeritus Professor Henry, former member and then head of UCÕs Welfare Committee, also a member of the October and April UCR Listening Forums, and our newest emerita, made the lunch one of our more successful events.


UCREA continues to proceed toward a structure modeled after the bylaws of CUCEA.  We have set our dues at $15.00 a year, new emeriti are enrolled automatically with the first year at no cost, thus aligning us with UCRRA.  Since many either belong to or join both organizations, the alignment minimizes confusion. In the meantime, Lewis Cohen still serves as delegate and I as president.


                                                            Respectfully submitted,



                                                            Dericksen Brinkerhoff

                                                            President, UCREA, and

                                                            Professor Emeritus

                                                            History of Art