UCSF Emeriti Faculty Association

Report of activities, May 2016-October 2016


Membership and Support
As of September 28, 2016 we had 110 enrolled members out of which 93 were paid members. Membership fees are waived for our 17 new members. As of August 18, 2016, UCSF reported that there were 641 emeriti eligible to join. 
At our last meeting in September, 2016 of the Executive Committee, we discussed the proposed change by CUCEA to charge each campus EFA based on all emeriti, irrespective of whether they are paid-up members or not. There was unanimous agreement that our campus EFA could not afford such terms as many, if not most, of our emeriti move away on retirement because of the high costs of living and housing in San Francisco. Others, for whatever reason, do not choose to join.
In addition to membership fees, UCSF EFA receives financial support from the UCSF Provost’s office. Logistic support and publication services are provided by the Alumni University Development and Alumni Relations Office. The venue for all EFA events is the UCSF Alumni and Faculty House.



EFA’s newsletter EMERITIDINGS is issued online 3 times per year. The newsletter features announcements of upcoming programs sponsored by the EFA, campus and system-wide developments of interest to retired faculty, proceedings of system-wide Council meetings, and information about competitive research grants and awards available to emeriti.

Luncheon meetings and speakers

The UCSF EFA sponsors 3 free speaker/luncheons annually.  Since the last report we have held two meetings/luncheons:

May 27, 2016: Alex Smith MD, MPH, Associate Professor of Medicine in the Division of Geriatrics who spoke about “Twitter to Tenure: Social Media and Academic Medicine.” Dr. Smith discussed his innovative applications of social media in the care of elderly patients, informed and data-based prognosis, and patient-physician communications.


September 16, 2016: Jason E. Gestwicki, PhD; Associate Professor, Institute for Neurodegenerative Disease, and Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry.  He spoke about: “Altering the Protein Folding Landscape of Alpha-Crystallins to Reverse Cataracts”.  Dr. Gestwicki’s research group studies molecular chaperones and how they maintain protein homeostasis by regulating protein folding, trafficking and degradation.  This homeostasis is very important because imbalances are linked with neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s Disease.  


UCSF Dickson Emeritus Professorship Award

The following UCSF emeriti received 2016-18 Dickson Emeritus Professorship Awards:

Virginia Carrieri-Kohlman, RN, MS, PhD
Professor of Physiological Nursing, Emerita
Proposal: The Measurement of Dyspnea: Translation To Clinical Practice

James Cleaver, PhD
Professor of Dermatology and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Emeritus
Proposal: Chemotherapy and DNA Repair

John Gordon Frierson, BA, MD
Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Emeritus
Proposal: Research on the History of the Angel Island Quarantine Station

CUCEA Bio-bibliographic Survey, 2012-2015: Results from UCSF    

We have distributed the results of the survey to our EFA Executive Committee, the UCSF Deans of each School, and the UCSF administrators of the campus and medical center.  We hope to use the results to enhance the participation of our emeriti on campus activities. 

Legacy Project

The UCSF EFA launched the Legacy Project in Winter 2015 to trace the contemporary history of UCSF through videotaped personal experiences and perceptions of emeriti. The uncut interviews are preserved in the Oral History Collection of the UCSF Library Archive for use in scholarly research, teaching, and productions of documentary films and media. A professionally edited 10-minute segment will be available for instructional purposes and accessible to the general public.  A graduate course based on the legacy materials is planned, tracking the evolution of UCSF from a traditional medical school to a leading biomedical research center.

Membership Survey

The UCSF EFA is in the process of conducting its own brief survey to identify characteristics key members have in common to boost paid membership and increase engagement among its members.  We will also be using the survey as a tool to focus the priorities during the next three years of the Executive Committee.

Current Officers and Representatives

President:                                      Robert Levin, PharmD, FASHP, FCSHP
Vice President:                               Unfilled
Secretary:                                      Peter Ralston MD
Treasurer:                                      Calvin Zippin ScD
Representative to Faculty Welfare:        Michael Winter PharmD
Representative to CUCEA:             Ernest Newbrun DMD,PhD
Representative of Dentistry           John Greenspan BDS, PhD
Representative of Medicine            Joe Kitterman MD
Representative of Nursing             Unfilled
Administrator: Louis Gutierrez, Manager, Alumni Faculty House