UC Davis Emeriti Association Report

April, 2013 CUCEA Meeting, UC Riverside



New Location 

This past fall, the UC Davis Retiree Center was moved to new permanent (a term that is used advisedly) suite of offices in the Buehler Alumni Center, a very desirable location on the Davis campus.  Since the UCDEA is staffed and supported administratively by the Retiree Center, this serves as the home base for emeriti operations. 



Membership continues to remain stable in the range of 430 members.  One challenge that we intend to address in the coming months is that of increasing UCDEA participation among our retired colleagues who have worked on the Sacramento campus, primarily in the School of Medicine. 


Emeriti Involvement in Current Campus Business

This past year has seen an increase in the number of Emeriti colleagues who have been invited to participate on committees and other groups dealing with campus planning and governance.  Recent examples include membership on a new campus committee on freedom of expression and a designation of an emeritus colleague as the chair of a committee that will review and recommend major funding on proposals for interdisciplinary research projects.


Recognition for Colleagues

This year, Professor Emeritus Eldridge Moores, a geologist, was selected as the recipient of the UC Davis  Distinguished Emeritus/Emerita Awards.  Also, our awards committee recommended four colleagues to receive Dickson Professorship grants for their ongoing scholarship efforts. 


Monthly Meetings and Noon Talks

Both the Emeriti Association and the Retiree Association hold their monthly executive committees on the same day.  The Emeriti Executive Committee meets at 10:00 a.m. and the Retiree Executive Committee meets at 1:30 p.m.  A program committee with representatives from both groups arranges for a series of informal lunchtime presentations between meetings.  Attendance at these programs can vary from 40 attendees up to nearly 200, depending on the topic and the timing. 


John Vohs

President, UCDEA