Report of the UCLA Emeriti Association

April 2011




Membership.   As of March, 2011, the UCLA Emeriti Association had 857 registered members, of whom 556 paid dues. 


Status of Residential Conference Center Project.   Concern about the planned replacement of the present Faculty Center building has grown since our last report.  Construction of the proposed Conference Center will take two or three years, during which the Association and other users of the present building will share the student activities building.  Many of us feel that this arrangement, continued over two or three years, threatens the viability of the Association.   The project itself has been questioned from several sides: members of the Faculty Center voted against it 75%--25%; our Planning and Budget Committee have found its financial assumptions doubtful; local hoteliers and neighbors have joined in opposition. The Administration has responded by putting the project “on pause” for six months.  Whether this betokens significant change is unclear.


Research Professor Title.  We expect to make available to qualified emeriti this title, which though available at other campuses will be new to UCLA.   Our thanks to UCI and other campuses for their help.


Legal Status and Board Liability.   Thanks to the work of our Center Director, Eddie Murphy, and a series of EA presidents, the legal status of the Association will be that of an “affiliated” organization, with the right to use the UCLA name.   We are currently investigating means of securing liability insurance for members of our Executive Board.


Dinner and After-lunch Programs.   At our fall and winter dinners we heard from composer Roger Bourland on the nature of musical composition and from Dr. Gary Small on his research into the mechanisms of memory.   We’re looking forward to Professor Amy Catlin-Jaraizbhoy on her career-long collaboration with her late husband on the ethnomusicology of Sri Lanka and Southern India.    Topics of our popular after-lunch talks included “Mindsight: the New Science of Transformation,” and “The Vulnerability of Elderly Adults to Financial Fraud.” 


2011 Dickson Awards.   At our spring dinner Dickson Awards will be presented to three emeriti whose post-retirement academic contributions have been particularly praiseworthy:   Joyce Oldham Appleby, Professor Emerita of History; Kenneth L. Karst, Professor Emeritus of Law; and Donald P. Tashkin, Professor Emeritus of Medicine. 


A final word is due Eddie Murphy, Director of  our Emeriti and Retirement Relations Center, for being absolutely indispensable to the success of our Association. And tribute should be paid our President,  Donna Vredevoe, who has resolutely persevered in her office despite serious illness.   Our admiring thanks to both of these dedicated colleagues.