Report of the UCLA Emeriti Association—October 29, 2009


The past year marked the Association’s 42nd birthday. Among noteworthy events of the last half year:


New Officers Elected

At our annual business meeting last May, Donna Vredevoe was elected as our next Vice-President/President-Elect; she will become President in June, 2010.  Barbara Rapoport was re-elected as Recording Secretary, and Henry Kelly was elected Member-at-Large.


Emeriti Awards

One of 2009’s two Constantine Panunzio Distinguished Emeritus Awards went to UCLA historian Daniel Howe, author of a much-acclaimed history of Jacksonian America.   Six  Dickson Emeritus Professorships were awarded, to Leonard Apt (Opthamology), Giorgio Bucellati (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures), Frederick Burwick (English), Arthur Cho (Environmental Health Sciences), Clarence Hall (Earth and Space Sciences), and Charles Knobler (Chemistry).  NB: The stated criteria for these awards include (1) distinguished scholarly achievement and (2) educational service to the community and University, both since retirement.  The Panunzio in addition limits the award to the humanities and the social sciences.  In practice, to my knowledge, selection committees work on a case-by-case basis and seek to recognize excellence of many sorts; I don’t know, however, of an award that has been given on the basis of educational service alone.


Lecture Programs

We continue our popular monthly programs, held throughout the academic year.   The May dinner talk offered a spirited appreciation of the Austrian-American composer Eric Zeisl,  with musical illustrations.   At a June program sponsored jointly by the Emeriti and the Retirees Associations, a panel discussed the “Implications of Expanding Health Care.”   At our dinner next month we will hear about “Ulysses S. Grant’s Troubled Legacy.”   Other scheduled programs range in subject from Super-Centenarians to Auguste Renoir.


Retirement Housing

In late July we officially opened Belmont Village, a state-of-the-art retirement facility a few blocks from campus.  It has enrolled as residents a number of UCLA emeriti and retirees,  and may open up new avenues of emeriti outreach.


New Website

A colorful new website will go online in November (


Outreach Initiatives

In line with Chancellor Block’s call for community outreach in the Los Angeles area, we hope to set up a speaker’s registry and a mentoring program (such as the highly successful

program at UCSD). Here, as in all our endeavors, we owe much to the support and wisdom of  the Director of our Emeriti and Retirement Relations Center, Eddie Murphy.


Paul Sheats

President, UCLA Emeriti Association