Report from UC Berkeley Emeriti Association Activities, Spring Semester, 2013 to CUCEA Meeting

April 23, 2013, UC Riverside

Spring Semester 2013 has been an active one for UCBEA. The Association held/will hold three Saturday luncheons for Emeriti, spouses and others, with distinguished speakers on each occasion. To wit:

Š      January - Professor Thomas Brady, Emeritus of History, spoke on “A Borderer’s Life with German Histories.”  Professor Brady also received the 2012-13 UCBEA Distinguished Emeritus Professor Award at the luncheon.

Š      March - Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology, Howard Hughes Investigator, Randy Schekman, spoke on “The 21st Century Revolution in Scientific Publication.”

Š      May - Director of Cal Performances, Matias Tarnopolsky, will speak on “The Cal in Cal Performances.

Two luncheons were held during the Fall Semester.  Speakers have been secured already for the 2013-2014 Saturday Luncheons.

The Association published three issues of the Emeriti Times (together with two in the Fall) with an  upgraded format, use of color, online transmission and new features including a column, “Ask the Expert”, by Professor of Public Health Emeritus, John Swartzberg, M.D., who is editor of the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter and is also on the UCBEA Executive Committee.

UCBEA continues its Mentorship Program for undergraduates who are the first in their families to attend college/university. We have had to delay the Mentorship Program directed towards “junior” faculty as a result of the unavailability during Spring Semester of key emeriti leaders.  We plan to initiate the program in the 2013 Fall Semester.

The Association continues to hold twice monthly Emeriti Tables at the Faculty Club. Since attendance has been less than anticipated, revamping or termination of the Emeriti Tables will be considered at the beginning of the 2013-2014 academic year.

UCBEA has been working closely with the Berkeley Division’s Academic Senate’s University Emeriti Relations Committee regarding issues of mutual concern.  Similarly, the Association is collaborating with the UCB Retirement Board pertaining to retiree housing and the development of a campus-wide nexus focusing on “Transforming Retirement.”

Finally, UCBEA Treasurer George Goldman has been monitoring UC health care contribution practices affecting emeriti faculty and other retirees.

In summary, Spring Semester 2013 has been a busy period for UCBEA and its members. This will be my last report to UCBEA since my two-year term as president ends June 30, 2013. My successor presumptive (formal elections occur during our May 4 luncheon) is Emerita Professor Caroline Kane, Molecular and Cell Biology, the Association’s current First Vice-President. CUCEA colleagues will find it a joy to work with Professor Kane!

It has been my honor and pleasure to serve on CUCEA as a representative of Berkeley’s Emeriti Association and I will continue in that role in 2013-14, replacing Professor Emeritus Roger Glassey as alternate representative.  I greatly value the relationships established with colleagues from other UC campuses and wish them and CUCEA all success in the forthcoming academic year and beyond.

Most Cordially,

Edwin M. Epstein

UCBEA President