Report of the UCLA Emeriti Association

October, 2012

The UCLA Emeriti Association celebrated its 45th birthday at a lunch on September 19.   Speakers included our incoming President, John Edmond, our incoming Vice President, Steven Cederbaum,, and Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel Carole Goldberg, who oversees Emeriti and Retirement Programs. 

Among the principal goals of the coming year is the recruitment of new, young emeriti.   To this end we invited recent emeriti to our birthday celebration, and  to a special afternoon gathering at the home of one of our members.   We are also inviting recent emeriti to our quarterly dinner in November, where an original musical play, Freedom Song, will be presented.   

Our programs this year include an after-lunch panel on “U.S. Health Policy: Prospects After Recent Elections,” and a talk  on “How Fusion Power Can Save the Planet,” by Francis Chen of the Department of Electrical Engineering.   Other activities continue as usual, such as play-readings and our busy lending library.    Last May’s Silvia Weinstein Emeriti Arts and Crafts Exhibit featured the work of thirty-two artists, among them painters, sculptors, and photographers.    Followed by an outdoor reception, the exhibit was a great success.   As was our annual picnic in September, where over a hundred people enjoyed a delicious BBQ and good  company.

Our Faculty Center still stands, after successfully surviving plans to replace it with a residential conference center.   Shifted to another part of campus, the conference center was recently approved by the Regents.  

We are inaugurating a new Emeriti Mentoring Program, to which over twenty students have applied.   We hope it will give undergraduates a larger frame of reference in which  to plan and understand their years at UCLA.

This year’s Association Awards included  the Emeritus of the Year Award, which went to Professor Daniel Mitchell, and the Distinguished Service Award, which was given to Barbara Rapaport, who has served faithfully as Secretary of the Executive Board for many years.