Dear Colleagues,


I wanted to provide an update on the Post-Employment Benefit Listening Forums which will be held in October and November.  Each campus has a planning committee which has been planning the local forums.  A representative from the ChancellorŐs office serves as the coordinator and members of the committee include an Emeritus Representative (In most cases the President of the campus Emeriti Association) a Retiree Representative, a member of the campus Faculty Welfare Committee, and a representative from the campus Staff Assembly.  The Listening Forums will consist of a presentation by representatives from the Office of the President (Usually Randy Scott and Gary Schlimgen) for approximately 40 minutes to include an overview of the post-employment liability; findings of the total remuneration study; and a description of the Post-Employment Benefits (PEB) Task force structure, charge, and work to date. The presentation will be followed by a question and answer period of about 50 minutes.  It is important that emeriti and retirees take advantage of this opportunity to learn about the issues and approaches being used to address them.


The following is a list of the dates for the Listening Forums, the name of the person from the ChancellorŐs Office who is coordinating the Forum and the Emeriti and Retiree representatives on the planning committee:


UC Berkeley:  November 10: Beata Fitzpatrick (ChancellorŐs Office Coordinator)

                                           Larry Waldron (Emeriti Representative)

                                           Iola James (Retiree Representative)

UC Davis:  November 9:  Karen Hull (ChancellorŐs Office Coordinator)

                                         Alex McCalla (Emeriti Representative)

                                     Yvonne Marsh (Retiree Representative)

UC Irvine:  To be determined: 

Julian Feldman (Emeriti Representative)

                                             Marianne Schnaubel (Retiree Representative)

UC Los Angeles:  October 12:   Lubbe Levin (ChancellorŐs Office Coordinator)

                                              Paul Sheats  (Emeriti Representative)

                                             Dorothy Webster (Retiree Representative)

UC Riverside:  October 19:  Marilyn Voce (ChancellorŐs Office Coordinator)

                                         D. Brinkerhoff (Emeriti Representative)

                                         Clifford Wurfel (Retiree Representative)

UC San Diego:  To be determined: Tom Leet, Kristi Larsen (ChancellorŐs Office Coordinators)

                                                    Jackie Hanson (Emeriti Representative)

                                                    Marguerite Jackson (Retiree Representative)

UC San Francisco:  October 22 & 23:  Deborah Brennan, Robin McCartney

(ChancellorŐs Office Coordinators)

Ernest Newbrun (Emeriti Representative)

Rod Seeger (Retiree Representative)

UC Santa Barbara:  November 2:  Cynthia Cook (ChancellorŐs Office Coordinator)

                                                   Doug Morgan (Emeriti Representative)

                                                   Pat Sheppard (Retiree Representative)

UC Santa Cruz:  November 3:  Ashish Sahni, Margaret McGuire

(ChancellorŐs Office Coordinators)

Todd Wipke (Emeriti Representative)

Lee Duffus (Retiree Representative)


I urge that you let your members know the date of the PEB Listening Forum on your campus. Each campus will provide information about the time(s) and location of the Forums.


With best regards,

Charley Hess