October 23, 2014


To Officers of & Representatives from Local Associations to CUCEA & CUCRA


Dear All,


It is now 20 years since of the founding of the JBC and there have been many significant changes in the way CUCEA and CUCRA interact with the Office of the President and other University entities.  The Chairs of our two organizations now serve as official members of the UCRS Advisory Board, the CUCEA Chair serves on the Academic Senate University Committee on Faculty Welfare UCFW), and there is now an informal discussion of issues with Ellen Lorenz and Michael.Waldman on a regular and continuing basis.  While I have attended meetings of the UCRS Advisory Board since its inception, I no longer have “privilege of the floor,” except during a brief period at the start of the meetings.  Input from non-members is not allowed when individual items are being discussed.  For the first time in many years, the Chairs were asked to review the contents of the Health Care Open Enrollment Packet, in advance of submission to the printer.  It is a new day!!


On this 20th Anniversary, I believe it would be desirable for one of the two Chairs to also serve as the Chair of the JBC.  That will facilitate communications, which are essential to the functioning of the JBC.  Witnessing the deaths of five of the original seven members of the JBC---Adrian Kragen, Eugene Lee, Ralph Nair, Moses Greenfield, and Ad Brugger---and several more former members, including Sheldon Messinger, and very recently, Errol Mauchlan, has influenced me to set a goal of reducing some of my obligations.  Therefore, I would like to resign as Chair effective immediately, or as soon as the new Chair is in place.


I was originally appointed to the JBC as a charter representative from CUCRA.  Because I firmly believe in the benefits derived from the continuity of membership, I would be willing to continue as a member, should the CUCRA Chair desire.  In any event, I will continue to attend CUCRA meetings because I was extended Honorary Council Membership at the end of my sixth year as Chair of CUCRA.


It has been my honor and pleasure to chair the JBC since its inception, and thus to serve both CUCEA and CUCRA through the years. Your continuing support, trust and confidence are indeed gratifying.  I do pledge to actively support our University Family in every way possible in the future.