Meeting of Thursday, October 27, 2011

Information OfficerÕs Semi-Annual Report



The Information Officer is responsible for maintaining the CUCEA Roster of Officers, EA Presidents, Representatives and other members, and for circulating information concerning meetings and other topics of interest to CUCEAÕs member. At this meeting, I will circulate the current 2011-12 CUCEA List and ask for updates and corrections.  Assuming some changes, I will send a revised list shortly thereafter.


You may recall my reporting in April that Joe Lewis and his staff and I worked on a protocol for a standard list of data UCOP will share with all the Centers and how best to share data with Associations that may not have any paid staff to monitor use of the information.


As a reminder, with the help of Daniel Scuiry of Joe LewisÕs staff, we made considerable progress this spring. On March 27, 2011, I emailed EA Presidents, CUCRA officers, and Center Directors advising them of: (1) A Standard demographic data report, which could be requested quarterly or semi-annually by all campuses.  (It is the UCD standard report.) (2) An ad hoc economic impact report, which provides the number of retirees, by zip codes or city locations, and total annual payment to these retirees. (3) A second ad hoc report of zip codes for a campus.


The standard demographic data report, which can be in excel or text delimited format, includes:


At our April meeting, Eddie Murphy volunteered to help develop data from these reports for any campus without a Retirement Center.  Having heard nothing further, I am assuming that all is going well and our data needs are satisfied, to the extent that Joe and his staff can help us.


It is a pleasure working with everyone.  E-mail is wonderful and brings me closer to so many of you with our brief exchanges.




                                                Louise Taylor

                                                Louise E. Taylor


                                                Information Officer